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Compared to women’s rings, rings for men are at once much more straightforward yet deceptive in their seeming simplicity. Given these small subtleties, shoppers can sometimes find themselves at a loss when trying to find a men’s wedding ring for a particular budget.

It never hurts to educate yourself a little so that you can save some time, as well as hopefully also some money. Here are some must-know terms that you will encounter when shopping for affordable men’s wedding bands:

  • Alloy - Most wedding bands, from precious gold to contemporary titanium rings for men, employ some sort of alloy in their production. An alloy is another metal or material that is mixed with the base material, and usually serves some sort of helpful purpose – to make a band more durable, or tarnish-resistant, or to change the color of the original material. Different alloys can make a huge difference in a ring, potentially influencing its price point, durability or

  • Contemporary materials - Also known as alternative materials, these metals and ceramic-based materials offer a more affordable substitute to precious metals like gold and platinum, and many offer special benefits like increased durability. The most common contemporary options currently on the market include ceramic, tungsten, stainless steel, cobalt chrome and titanium rings for men. With their dependable strength, ultra light weight and stylish options in both gunmetal and black, titanium rings for men in particular have proven to be a popular choice as wedding bands.
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