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Thorsten C3812-TCDB

ORDOVICIAN Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Beveled Edged Ring

ORDOVICIAN Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Beveled Edged Ring

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This amazing band is 230 million years in the making. This one-of-a-kind ring is truly out of this world, and will blow your mind from its overall design and craftsmanship. This band is made from durable tungsten carbide. The earth is where the dinosaur fossil used in making this ring were painstakingly excavated. The authentic mineralised fossil is cut and polished to a beautiful finish. This beautiful and ancient fossil creates a stunning ring when set into the center of this perfectly crafted tungsten carbide metal. This band comes comfort-fit for supreme comfort. This is actual fossil used in creating the ring and each piece and section of fossil can differ due to it’s natural earth materials.


This ring is made by Thorsten and are high quality, custom forged rings.

Engraving Information

Engraving is available and free at time of purchase. If an exchange or return is required there will be a $30.00 buff out fee incurred. Engraving is on the interior. Symbols cannot be engraved.


These rings ship the next business day via Fedex.

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