Collection: Promise

While many people have heard of promise rings, some may not realize their popular use as men’s rings. Promise rings date back to centuries ago when they were primarily used as placeholders for engagement rings. Today, however, the scope and meaning behind promise rings is much wider. Here is a look at men’s promise rings – their history, meaning, appearance and how to give and wear them.


Men’s promise rings can symbolize a number of things – love, fidelity, purity, marriage, friendship or a certain intention or vow. Promise rings can serve as modern pre-engagement rings, indicating that a couple is taking serious steps towards spending their lives together. No matter what particular instance these men’s rings are used for, they almost always indicate a special bond between two people.


Promise rings are thought to date back to the 1500s. Men would give promise rings as a sort of engagement ring, especially if they could not afford to get married in the immediate future. The occasion of women giving promise rings popped up more recently to the 20th century. These men’s rings were usually offered when their beloved was not in a current position to marry. In these instances, the woman giving the promise ring was making a romantic gesture indicating that she would patiently wait until her love was able to be wed, for financial reasons or otherwise.