What is the Difference Between a Fashion or Wedding Ring?

What is the Difference Between a Fashion or Wedding Ring?

Rings are tricky things. They’re amongst the smallest pieces of jewelry we own, and yet they can carry the most emotional weight.  And when it comes to love, marriage and relationships, rings are at the very center of attention – especially for women. But rings can be for fun, too – not just for the girls! 

Fashion Rings for Men

Although rings and other fashion jewelry are most often associated with women, men are far from exempt. In fact, history shows that men have been wearing jewelry since hunter-gatherer times. These pieces were usually bones, feathers and stones – things that were considered attractive or interesting. This shows that we’ve had the inherent need to adorn our bodies since the beginning of time. 
Jewelry was also worn as a means of protecting the wearer from illness or harm. Some gemstones were believed to have magical properties that could ward off evil spirits or, conversely, bring good luck. In short, men wearing jewelry is nothing new. 

What Is A Fashion Ring? 

Previously, the term ‘fashion ring’ was used to refer to costume jewelry: pieces made from silver rather than gold, or featuring fake gemstones rather than real. Costume jewelry is about the ‘look’ rather than the value. 
Basically, a fashion ring is one that isn’t a wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry that has emotional significance, such as a class ring or family seal. This leaves the options wide open! 
Unlike costume jewelry, a fashion ring doesn’t have to be ‘fake’ and it doesn’t have to be flashy – unless that’s what you want, of course. Fashion rings can be as subtle or as eye-catching as you wish. 

Who Wears A Fashion Ring?

According to the Business Insider, men today are expected to wear at least three items of jewelry: a watch, a pair of cufflinks, and a ring. 
But this clearly hasn’t stopped fashion icons such as Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler and Johnny Depp. These guys are masculine to the core – and they look great in bling!
History shows that rings have been gender-neutral since ancient times. There are no rules about whether men should wear fashion rings or not. This a good thing, because it means there are no rules about the style of fashion ring you can wear! 

What Style Should I Go For? 

Essentially, a fashion ring is an accessory. Like a shirt or a pair of shoes, it’s a matter of choosing one to suit your own personal style. How will your ring work with your current wardrobe? Your daily activities? Your budget? Are you making a bold statement or just “prettying-up” your fingers? 
Modern jewelry is no longer limited by gold and silver. The huge variety of metals available mean that there’s an option for every taste, lifestyle, occasion and budget. Are you a ‘gold’ man or silver? Matte or polished? Diamonds or Celtic Claddagh? 

How Is A Fashion Ring Worn?

However you like! Although a wedding ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, there are no rules for where you place your fashion ring. Thumbs and pinkies included! 

So, If That’s A Fashion Ring, What’s A Designer Ring? 

A designer ring is one that is uniquely “designed” by a certain company or brand. Designer rings can include engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and any other ring of personal significance. And yes, designer rings can be fashion rings too! 

How Do I Choose A Designer Ring? 

Fussy? No problem – the range of designer rings available is enormous! Do your homework and investigate all the ways in which these rings can differ in shape, size and material. You may be surprised at what appeals to you! Here are some ideas for what to consider… 
  1. Style: Your ring can say a lot about you. Do you want something so big and bold it’ll catch someone’s eye the moment they meet you? Or would you prefer a quiet hint at your inner charm? It may be worth trying on a rings to see how they look and feel. 
  2. Size: The most important thing of all – yet sometimes neglected. Be sure to get your ring sized properly for the finger you’ll be wearing it on. Width and thickness should also be considered here: how much of your finger do you want the ring to take up? 
  3. Materials: Here’s the complicated part! Designer rings are available in a variety of metals, which takes some serious consideration. From luxurious platinum to budget-friendly stainless steel, each metal has its own advantages and disadvantages regarding weight, wear, durability and malleability. And, of course, cost!
  4. Price: How much you want to spend on a designer ring usually comes down to the occasion it’s being worn for. Something as special as a wedding ring might justify a hefty investment, whereas a fashion ring or promise ring doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, it’s entirely your call! 

Types of Designer Rings 

If you’ve never chosen a ring for yourself before (most men haven’t!) it may help to take a look at these options. Each ring is made to order and takes around 5-7 days to ship. 
  • Comfort Fit Rings Truth be told, rings are most often chosen for their aesthetic quality rather than how comfortable they are to wear. But if you’re planning to wear that ring for a long time, it’s important that it feels good on your finger! Rings that are too tight, too loose or made with a metal that you’re allergic to will certainly ruin the appeal. Comfort Fit rings are made with a unique rounded interior, which sets them apart from traditional shapes that have a flat interior. These rings are designed to fit so well on the finger, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Another option for Comfort Fit rings is the Super Light Comfort Fit. These are great for the man who doesn’t want to be weighed down. 
  • Traditional Fit Rings Classic wedding bands will never go out of style. Best of all, they are as beautiful and elegant as more elaborate designs – but may cost much less. Traditional fit rings have a flat interior surface and a domed or milgrain outer. 
  • Design Collection Want to make a statement? Think outside the square! Consider a carved or engraved ring, or change the shape with a beveled edge. Mix up the tones with silver or black – or add diamonds! The vast range of styles available will make you think twice about following the crowd!
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