Should I choose a Titanium Ring?

Should I choose a Titanium Ring?

Titanium has made its way into the jewelry industry, especially in the form of men’s titanium rings. With stylish gray tones, it is an affordable alternative to platinum. Titanium is popular because it is hypoallergenic and lightweight yet extremely durable.

Its unique combination of strength and lightweight, titanium is used in many industries, including aerospace (85% of the space shuttle’s structure is titanium), marine, sporting equipment and medical equipment.

On this page you will find information about titanium to help you decide if it is the right ring metal choice for you.


Titanium Facts:

  • Titanium is the hardest "natural" material in the world - stronger than steel, yet very light weight.
  • Titanium is also hypoallergenic.
  • Titanium can't be re-sized. The metal is too hard for conventional jeweler's tools. Some titanium can be stretched up a size, but not down a size, however it is not recommended.
  • In an emergency titanium rings may be removed with a jeweler's saw, cutting the ring on opposite sides so that it comes off in two pieces.
  • Titanium can be polished with any product that polishes stainless steel.
  • Titanium can be scratched, but it takes an extremely hard object such as a diamond to cut into the metal. For a titanium ring with a gold, silver, or platinum inlay, the inlay part of the ring will scratch because of the softness of that precious metal.
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