Is a Tungsten Carbide Ring right for me?

Is a Tungsten Carbide Ring right for me?

Men’s tungsten wedding bands are rising in popularity, making this alternative metal an excellent choice for your wedding ring. In recent years Tungsten carbide has catapulted into the category among the most popular non-precious metals. Tungsten rings offer a heavy weight and enduring shine that appeal to many men. These rings are also the most wear-resistant on the market.

On this page you will find information about tungsten to help you decide if it is the right ring metal choice for you.


Tungsten Facts:

  • Tungsten rings are the most wear-resistant rings available.
  • Tungsten is approximately 10X harder than 18K gold and 4X harder than titanium.
  • It is referred to as "permanently polished" because of its enduring shine.
  • Tungsten will not bend, but may crack from a hard impact.
  • Tungsten is cobalt free.
  • In an emergency, tungsten can be removed by a medical professional.
  • Tungsten is hypoallergenic.
  • It is also scratch-resistant.
  • However, tungsten can't be re-sized.
  • Tungsten requires essentially no care. A soft cloth will remove fingerprints and smudges.
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