Couples Rings: His And Hers Wedding Rings

Posted by on 4/27/2016

I’m not sure if you know (or may not give two hoots) but Posh and Becks, AKA David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have matching wedding rings, along with everything else his and hers on their wedding day. Now if you were like me, I had a really big gawk at their wedding photos and their wedding was very much an affair of, what’s good for him is equally good for her.

Large size men’s rings (up to 20 in many styles)

Posted by on 4/8/2016

Men often find the whole process of choosing a ring a little daunting and the endless range of rings can make it hard to know where to start and what to choose. So if your man is dragging his heals on sorting out his ring or never seems to get around to it. Don’t go all bridezilla on him. He may be stalling because he’s having a difficult time finding a ring that actually fits.

Platinum Wedding Bands: Best Alternative Rings this Wedding Season

Posted by on 4/4/2016

Tis the season to get married Tra La La La LA LA LA LA LA. Wedding season is almost here - run for your lives. Just kidding! If you have landed here you’re a bride or groom imagining a room full of roses and lilies on lavish centrepieces and gorgeous wedding bands.

Weddings are beautiful occasions and we love them, especially if you're a guest. To me the reception is always the best part of the wedding. Free to get drunk, eat everything and listen to some hilarious, often drunk speeches. Then there is the dancing, this is the time when you get to act like a fool at an otherwise formal occasion. Line dances, slow dancing, brides on chairs, dance like nobody's watching.

So April kicks off the wedding season filled with shrieks and cries from the newly engaged. If you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t get proposed to this leap year, chances are it’s your turn next. Women go ga ga for getting married around Easter and spring.

Celtic Rings: St Patrick’s Day

Posted by on 3/8/2016

Celtic Rings: St Patrick’s Day

Ahh the luck of the Irish, those lucky little Irish folk have all the fun. Traditionally a cultural and religious holiday St. Patrick’s Day commonly celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland during the 5th century and of course patron saint, Saint Patrick, as well as all things Irish. St Patrick’s Day isn’t just for the Irish in Ireland, but a global celebration everywhere in the world where the Irish people have set up shop.

Getting Engaged? Go Classic

Posted by on 2/10/2016

Getting Engaged? Go Classic

Marriage is one of life’s many milestones. In many ways, too, it is among life’s most important ones.

The act of communion with your significant other is not merely a rite of passage; it is a formal recognition of a permanent commitment to the partner who will accompany you throughout and to the end of the journey of life.

It is little wonder, then, that there are so many traditions and rituals associated with marriage.

Needless to say, newly engaged couples will have lots to plan for. And with so many things to plan for, it is easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and even frustrated.

Are His and Hers Wedding Rings Like Wearing Matching Tracksuits?

Posted by on 2/3/2016
Are His and Hers Wedding Rings Like Wearing Matching Tracksuits?
His and hers sets are available for almost every product under the sun these days. From razors to accessories, couples wanting to share in more than just union are at full liberty to do so. Of course, while his and hers sets can be great, no one wants to end up looking like Britney and Justin at the turn of the century (for the uninitiated, we’re referring to the time they showed up to the 2001 American Music Awards clad in head-to-toe in denim). Naturally, such concerns may have crossed the minds of those seeking out his and hers wedding rings.Such ring sets beg the question: are his and hers wedding rings like wearing matching tracksuits? Should you be looking for matching rings, or two distinct ones? Let us avail you of such worries. Here, we tackle this confusing affair with all the information you need to decide whether or not matching rings are for you (or not).

Fashion or Faith: Christian Rings

Posted by on 1/20/2016
From the time that jewelry was created it has been a status symbol and a fashion statement. In past 

centuries jewelry was worn to bring luck, protection, fertility and in medieval Europe, jewelry was 

worn by people in power – Kings, Dukes and Emperors.

Does Mwr Sell More Than Just Wedding Rings?

Posted by Admin on 1/20/2016
Does Mwr Sell More Than Just Wedding Rings?
You might think that with a name like “” MWR would be focusing on the soon-to-be-married market only but these days, wedding rings have so many different looks that it’s hard to tell a wedding band apart from a fashion ring. As a result, men often find themselves shopping on this site simply because they entered a keyword like “tungsten rings” into Google.

13 Unique Wedding Rings for Men

Posted by Admin on 1/13/2016
13 Unique Wedding Rings for Men

Every man is special, but the most special one is the one you choose to make your husband. Each man deserves a unique wedding ring that fits his personality and style.

Nobody knows the guy you’re going to marry like you do.

What kind of guy is he?

Maybe your guy is the type who listens to that little angel on his shoulder at all times - upstanding, strong-willed, full of grit and tradition.

Or maybe your future husband sometimes listens to that little devil on his other shoulder - the one that whispers in his ear and makes him a little bit of a rebel, somebody who breaks out to try new things.

But - even with both angel and devil influences - you love him. So get him the right ring to show it!

Top 6 Best Christian Wedding Rings for Christmas

Posted by on 12/2/2015

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your man this holiday season? Look no further.

If your future husband wears his faith on his sleeve, help him wear his faith on his finger for the rest of your lives together. Wedding bands that show his love for Christ are a perfect way to bring together all the parts of your life into a symbol that really works to show the world who your fiance is. Sleek and shining or hearty and textured - there is a perfect ring for him out there.

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