Anyone who has ever been at a major sporting event may be familiar with the expression “he’s worth his weight in gold!” This phrase is often heard by diehard fans when their favorite player makes an impossible catch or scores a three-run home run in the ninth, ending a tie game in victory. 

Similarly, in the world of men’s rings, fans of tungsten wedding rings are proclaiming the value of their “new favorite metal” with the same type of enthusiasm. While gold has always been the most widely used wedding ring metal, guys who own a men’s tungsten wedding ring often say it is “worth its weight in gold.” This extraordinary metal has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, which may explain why so many retailers are having a hard time keeping tungsten wedding rings in stock.

If you haven’t tried on a tungsten wedding ring, felt its substantial weight on the hand, or seen its natural shine, you may not understand how a metal could inspire such passion. But after shopping for wedding bands last weekend with my fiancé, I can now say with absolute certainty that I will purchase a men’s tungsten wedding ring. 

I could write about the wonderful qualities of a tungsten wedding ring all day long, but nothing compares to the way these rings look and feel in person. My fiancé had read about them in a bridal magazine and tried to convince me to get one, but until I put one on my finger and compared it side-by-side to white gold, I wasn’t ready to make the commitment. 

Here are a few of the most important benefits of buying a Men’s Tungsten Wedding Ring: 

Tungsten is a hard, dense metal that is second only to diamonds in strength 

It is an affordable metal that lasts and lasts – and it will never need to be re-plated or professionally polished 

Tungsten is hypoallergenic and is not known to cause any skin irritation whatsoever 

Because it is such a hard and dense metal, tungsten stands up to wear and tear much better than gold and other metals 

The polished look of tungsten remains the same as the day you bought it – it won’t tarnish, fade, scratch or dent 

A tungsten wedding ring may also be called a “tungsten carbide” ring, but don’t let this confuse you; they are one and the same. The reason the word “carbide” is often added is based on the way tungsten wedding rings are made. They start by bonding tungsten and carbon together and grinding them into a powder form. Once this compound is formed into shapes, it is heated at very high temperatures and then crafted into a ring, which is polished to a brilliant, scratch-resistant shine. 

If you are looking for a wedding ring that is truly “worth its weight in gold” without the expense, then a men’s tungsten wedding ring might be perfect for you too.

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