Gentlemen, if you've been trying to decide on the right metal for your wedding band, you are likely to find a wide selection of attractive men’s titanium wedding rings. You may also be wondering why this metal is suddenly so popular. 

Well, one reason is that up until recently, men’s choices in wedding rings were limited to two basic choices: yellow gold or white gold. Men were ready for some other options – and they got them. Today, men have a number of metals to choose from, in addition to traditional yellow and white gold. Besides titanium, there is also tungsten, stainless steel and palladium. 

men's titanium wedding bandAnother reason is that men are more fashion-conscious than ever, and since most men wear very little jewelry, choosing the right ring for themselves is a decision they've started taking seriously. While there may be several other steps involved in the buying process, choosing a metal is the very first step and perhaps the most important one as well. 

 Below is a list of characteristics that differentiate titanium and make it is the ideal metal for today’s active man. 

  • Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world, making men’s titanium wedding rings the perfect choice for men who work with their hands. 
  • Originally used to make airplane propellers and surgical instruments, titanium is a very lightweight metal, which makes it a great choice for men who don’t like the feel of wearing a ring. 
  • For men with sensitive skin, titanium is a hypoallergenic metal, and will not cause skin reactions. Just be sure the ring you buy isn’t processed using cobalt or nickel. 
  • In addition, titanium is also resistant to salt water, chlorine, harsh detergents or corrosive fluids. It is also very easy to care for, needing only mild soap and water. 
  • Titanium has a high melting point, which makes it excellent for making items that get very hot, such as the filaments within light bulbs. 

One of the newest metals on the scene, titanium was discovered in the late eighteenth century. However, it wasn’t used much until recently because it took a while for scientist to figure out economical ways to process it. 

Since its introduction, titanium has always been prized for its exceptional strength. It is a nearly indestructible metal that is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. For some, these characteristics have made them choose men’s titanium wedding rings. Many believe that their titanium ring symbolizes the strength, permanence and comfort of their marriage. 

Because titanium is such a hard metal, most people who purchase men’s titanium wedding rings opt for a “comfort fit”. This is where the interior edges of the ring are rounded off to make the ring feel more comfortable on your finger. 

One word of advice, if you plan on buying a titanium ring: be sure you know your ring size before you buy it; a hard metal like titanium is nearly impossible to resize. 

For men who are looking for something different without forfeiting quality and durability, men’s titanium wedding rings are a very popular choice.

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