As retailers known for selling hundreds of different men’s wedding rings, it’s rare that we choose just one ring out of the bunch and write a review about it, but with the growing popularity of cobalt chrome, this ring is a perpetual winner.  It’s amazing to see a new metal take off like this one did; especially considering that cobalt chrome is the “new kid on the block” of industrial metals.  But as someone who is immersed in the world of men’s wedding rings 24/7, I can understand why cobalt wedding bands are such a big draw.

In order to comprehend why cobalt chrome so popular these days, it helps to recognize the shortcomings of the other industrial metals.  Until cobalt rings came on the scene, it seemed like every new metal had one characteristic that customers wanted to change about it.  For example, titanium is extremely strong, but too lightweight and not as scratchproof as we expected.  Tungsten is particularly durable and scratch resistant, but some people find it too heavy and too dark in color.  Stainless steel is inexpensive and very strong, but it doesn’t quite have the luster of other metals.  After reviewing several of these newer metals over time, I knew we still hadn’t reached “Nirvana” in the industrial metals arena – at least not yet.

As the owners of Mens-Wedding-Bands, my wife Judy and I stay on top of all the trends in men’s rings, and we’re usually among the first retailers to introduce a new metal to our collections.  When we added cobalt chrome rings last year, I had a hard time believing these rings were as perfect as they sounded.  But nonetheless, we started selling a complete collection of these rings based purely on the reviews we read from industry experts.  Here are just a few of the major selling points of cobalt wedding bands:

  • They have a brilliant white color that is similar to platinum, without the cost, and they never need polishing;
  • They are neither too heavy nor too light, and weigh about the same as similar-sized gold ring;
  • Cobalt chrome is four times harder than gold, five times harder than platinum and seven times harder than silver;
  • They are more scratch resistant than titanium and precious metals;
  • Unlike titanium and tungsten, cobalt wedding bands can tolerate slight adjustments in size;
  • Cobalt chrome rings are tremendously strong, making them virtually indestructible and shatterproof;
  • They are also hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

If you are considering a cobalt chrome wedding ring for your summer wedding, then we highly recommend the classic and timeless style of this 8mm comfort-fit band.  It has a slightly rounded profile that is polished to a brilliant shine, and it looks terrific on any man’s hand.  To view this ring and more cobalt chrome wedding bands, shop at our online store at

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