When one pictures a collection of designer men’s wedding rings, the first image that usually comes to mind is of yellow gold, white gold and platinum rings. While these rings can be striking, today’s man is looking for something a little different in a wedding band; something that is more expressive of his personal style. Men’s ring designers have kept this concept in mind when formulating their newest collections. 

Every year, jewelry designers add something a little new and different to their collections of men’s wedding rings and if it’s a hit, the other major jewelry retailers “run with it”. Looking at their current collections, this seems to be the “Year of Men’s Cobalt Chrome Rings”. 

A lot of people were surprised at how quickly this new metal has become the “darling” of the jewelry industry. Just a few years ago, people hadn’t even heard of it. But when I asked that question to a metallurgist friend of mine, I began to see why men’s cobalt chrome rings have been such big sellers. 

Metallurgists know a lot about – what else – metals. It may surprise you, but most jewelers stick to the business of crafting beautiful jewelry, so they don’t learn a lot about the material properties of the metals they use. That’s why it was so interesting for me to learn about the benefits of men’s cobalt rings from an expert. 

Here is what he had to say about men’s cobalt chrome rings – 

  • They are four times harder than platinum, five times harder than gold, and seven times harder than silver. This type of density makes resizing other industrial metals impossible, but not cobalt. Men’s cobalt chrome rings can tolerate a certain amount of adjustment without taking away from the metal. 

  • The metal is less scratch resistant than tungsten but more scratch resistant than titanium, and because of cobalt’s tremendous strength, it is completely shatterproof and will not crack. 

  • Men’s cobalt chrome rings are incredibly hard and provide uncompromising strength, even for men who work with their hands. 

  • Unlike white gold, cobalt contains no nickel so it will not cause skin irritation. It is also “bio-compatible”, meaning it is 100% natural and can be tolerated by the human body. 

  • Another benefit of wearing cobalt rings is their permanent luster. These rings are just as gleaming and brilliant several years down the road as they are on the first day you wear them; they never fade or discolor. 

As if these reasons weren’t enough, remember, men’s cobalt chrome rings give the appearance of a platinum or white gold ring at only a fraction of the price!

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