One of the hottest contemporary materials currently on the men’s jewelry market, ceramic is still a mystery to some consumers who continue to associate it with pottery material. Ceramic rings are actually most often made of titanium carbide (also known as TiC, jewelry ceramic or high tech ceramic), a material similar to tungsten carbide that uses titanium.

While ceramic may sound like something that you would find in the kitchen, titanium carbide’s other applications include use in weaponry and aerospace – definitely nothing as delicate as pottery. This particular composition gives ceramic rings a number of advantages that have made them very popular in today’s jewelry market. Here are just a few of the benefits of ceramic rings for men.

They’re durable and scratch-resistant. Ceramic rings are incredibly hard, usually rating around a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. To give you a sense of comparison, tungsten carbide rates an 8.5-9, stainless steel a 7 and a diamond a 10. This means that few materials, save a diamond, can scratch ceramic rings for men. Ceramic rings are also more crack-resistant than other popular contemporary materials like tungsten. This durability makes them particularly ideal for use as men’s wedding rings, as they can gracefully withstand the common bumps and scrapes of everyday wear.

They’re lightweight. Because of their integration of titanium, ceramic rings enjoy an incredible lightness of weight that never fails to delight their wearers. This also makes them a perfect choice as wedding rings for men who hate to wear jewelry, as they are nearly undetectable. Adding to their comfort level, ceramic rings are mostly hypoallergenic and are able to be worn by nearly anyone save those with the most severe of skin allergies.

They’re affordable. In today’s world when so many budgets are tight, ceramic rings are a breath of fresh air. Ceramic wedding rings for men can start in the lower double digits, with even designer styles hovering under $150. Many shoppers appreciate that ceramic rings allow them to purchase a high quality and lasting band without stretching their finances.

Black is an up-and-coming color for men’s bands. Black is swiftly become a go-to ring color for men who are tired of the same old white and yellow metallic options. Men’s ceramic rings are almost exclusively seen in a rich ebony hue, which has an alternative look yet is versatile enough to pair to nearly any wardrobe or ensemble.

It goes without saying that ceramic rings are not just some passing trend. These handsome, durable, lightweight and budget-friendly rings offer a wealth of advantages that will doubtless continue to make them a coveted material choice for the foreseeable future.

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