These days, it is more important than ever for engaged couples to be practical in the choices for their wedding plans. Instead of looking for more elaborate ways to spend money to impress their guests, brides and grooms are seeking alternatives to make their nuptials more meaningful and valuable. Nowhere is this more evident than with the rising popularity of men’s palladium wedding rings. 

Men’s palladium wedding rings have many of the same qualities as platinum rings, but without the added expense. For example, jewelry-grade palladium is a very brilliant white metal that is purer than the metals used in most other men’s rings. It is made up of 95% palladium and 5% ruthenium. To be sure it is the right grade of metal, make sure the inside of the band is stamped with PD950, indicating 95% palladium. 

What makes men’s palladium wedding rings so ideal is how they encompass all the best qualities of other jewelry metals into one affordable package. 


  • Compared to most other metals, they are extremely durable and strong, even outwearing white gold by 15 percent, and they are virtually tarnish-proof. 

  • They are hypoallergenic, because unlike white gold they contain no metal. 

  • Unlike tungsten, men’s palladium rings are not too heavy. 

  • And unlike titanium they never feel too light on the finger. 

  • The weight of palladium is closer to 14K gold and feels “just right” on most men. 

  • Palladium is very rare, even more so than gold, making it a great investment over time. 

  • Higher global demand for palladium has driven prices up slightly in recent months. 

  • Men’s palladium wedding rings are hard enough to stand up to sharp blows and they will not wear away over time. 

In summary palladium offers the durability and brilliance of platinum without the high price. It is whiter than white gold and comparable to platinum in color. It has all the lasting beauty and durability that platinum fans have come to treasure. If you are looking for a wedding ring that is designed to last forever, then start shopping for men’s palladium wedding rings.

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