It seems like every year another story hits the fashion press about which celebrity was spotted wearing which designer label. Immediately, the brand skyrockets to fame. But celebrity endorsements are more than a powerful marketing tool for brands; they can help launch a new trend in men’s jewelry as well. It’s no secret that men’s tungsten wedding bands have been on the fast track to success ever since they were spotted on the red carpet last year. Rather than wearing a traditional gold wedding band, stars like David Beckham have been seen promoting mens tungsten wedding bands by wearing tungsten in several photo shoots and ad campaigns.


Celebrities lead fast-paced lives and they want to wear fashionable jewelry that will stand up to everyday wear. Unlike some of the softer precious metals on the market, tungsten carbide is super hard and unbelievably scratch-resistant. Designers have caught on to this trend and started creating some very unique and attractive wedding bands and fashion rings from this durable metal. Stars love the edgy gunmetal gray color of tungsten and the way it keeps its original polish with very little maintenance.

Maybe it’s all the attention they get when they announce an engagement, but for some reason movie stars and recording artists pay a lot more attention to wedding rings than the average person. Instead of doing what everyone expects them to do and buying a super glamorous diamond-studded ring, many of the “beautiful people” are choosing alternative metals over gold and platinum. Some say it’s because they like the weight of tungsten rings and pendants while others prefer the darker color of natural tungsten. Whatever the reason, more and more celebrities are imitating Siskel and Ebert and giving men’s tungsten wedding rings “two thumbs up.”

Another reason that celebrities prefer buying alternative metal rings is to make a statement. Because it is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, tungsten is a popular choice for hip-hoppers and other artists who are known to wear diamond studs in both ears. Luxury watch buyers have gotten into the act as well, replacing their traditional stainless steel watch cases with tungsten carbide.

As the trend toward men’s tungsten wedding bands continues to grow, tungsten has been introduced in two other colors – black and white. Black tungsten closely resembles black titanium but with a shinier, ceramic-like finish and white tungsten looks more like platinum.

While there is no one type of wedding band that celebrities wear, they usually want one that will set them apart from the pack. If you pay attention to what the stars are wearing, you will find that they buy everything from platinum studded with diamonds to the latest men’s tungsten wedding bands. Everyone wants to have a ring that will be appreciated and admired by others, and celebrities are no different.

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