The word “alternative” is used to describe many things, from music to movies; lifestyles to fashion. So it’s no surprise to find an “alternative” collection of men’s wedding bands for sale at most jewelry retailers. The question is, “what makes a ring ‘alternative’?” 

Each generation has its own unique style, but the average guy shopping for a traditional wedding band is looking for something simple and timeless, a ring that looks like his dad’s wedding ring. No matter how modern the world becomes, it will always possible to find a conservative collection of men’s wedding bands made of precious metals like gold and platinum. 

A ring only becomes “alternative” when it gives men an option for a different look. Men today are less concerned about “blending in” than they are with setting themselves apart from their peers, and engaged couples are looking to jewelry as a way to celebrate their relationship in a whole new way. As jewelry designers started to realize this, they began creating new and “alternative” collections of men’s wedding bands to keep up with the demands of their customers. 

Today’s couples are interested in creating a “persona” for themselves as a couple, and this starts by the choices they make while they are still engaged. The wedding invitations, their wedding vows, and even the menu and flowers are ways to make a public expression of their priorities. But wedding bands will still be there long after their wedding day has passed. That’s why more and more couples are choosing to buy rings that make a unique statement. 

Alternative mens wedding bands are designed with this goal in mind, but they don’t fit into a specific mold. They can be made from industrial metals like cobalt chrome or stainless steel, or with the stark contrast that comes from trendy black titanium or white tungsten. Christian and Judaic rings are often considered alternative rings, as are fashionable men’s wedding bands with a unique texture, two-tone look or carbon fiber inlay. 

The words “unique” and “alternative” are often used to describe today’s popular men’s ring, but these contemporary collections can include any number of styles and metals. Why not have a little fun with your choice of a men’s wedding band and choose one that expresses your personal style?

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