As one of the top sellers of men’s wedding rings on the Internet, (MWR) is one of those web sites where you know you will find all the latest styles.  Whether you’re looking for the most expensive platinum ring you can find or an affordable stainless steel wedding ring, MWR has it all.  From platinum look-alikes like white tungsten and cobalt to durable industrial metals like tungsten carbide and titanium, it’s hard not to notice how many different styles are for sale at this online store.  They even have some of the most competitive prices on gold rings that I’ve found anywhere.  But like many other prospective buyers of mens wedding rings, when faced with this many choices I found myself becoming incredibly indecisive.  Don’t get me wrong; like any red-blooded American I love having the freedom to choose, but how in the world was I going to go through all of these rings and actually pick just one?

It was then that I decided to ask the only “men’s ring expert” I know – Roy Devine.  As co-owner of and one of the most knowledgeable online marketers I know, I knew Roy would be able to cut to the chase and tell me which one ring from his vast selection is a perpetual best seller.  Like any good Internet retailer, he keeps track of which rings are getting the most traffic and which ones customers ultimately purchase.  As expected, Mr. Devine didn’t miss a beat when I asked this question, but his answer surprised me.

Apparently, the best selling ring at Men’s Wedding Rings is not a traditional 14K gold band, nor is it made from sterling silver, titanium or tungsten.  The most popular men’s wedding ring at MWR is (drum roll, please…) a stainless steel wedding ring.  Before you start picturing a ring that looks like one of your kitchen appliances, remember this ring is made from 316L surgical steel.  In the world of mens rings, there is no higher quality of stainless steel ring.  The combination of brushed and polished finishes on this contemporary stainless steel wedding ring is very appealing, and Roy’s customers love the way it captures both traditional and contemporary design qualities.  This is a ring that looks terrific on any man’s hand.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of stainless steel jewelry, remember that this metal is one of the strongest metals available and requires no maintenance.  It is also hypoallergenic and much more durable than soft metals like gold, which means it will stand up to the rigors of everyday wear without wearing down or losing its shine.  But aside from its easy care and good looks, this particular 316L surgical stainless steel wedding ring is extremely affordable.  This 8mm wedding band is only $21.95 at, reduced from a regular retail price of $51, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

If you want to take a closer look at Roy Devine’s best-selling stainless steel wedding ring or search out other affordably priced men’s rings, take my advice and visit the best online source for men’s wedding bands and rings –

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