Guys, if you are getting married soon, then you may have already started thinking about a wedding ring, or at least it is on your list of “things to do”.  But before you go shopping for a traditional gold wedding ring, I urge you to take a look at mens tungsten wedding bands.  Not only are these rings a whole lot less expensive than gold or platinum; but tungsten is so impressive that it’s been called the “perfect metal for mens wedding rings.”


If you’ve heard the name “tungsten” but never thought of it as a jewelry metal, that’s because it has long been used for industrial and aerospace applications.  Only recently have jewelry designers started making rings out of tungsten, but it didn’t take long for men’s tungsten wedding bands to become a bestseller.


What is Tungsten?

In its purest form, tungsten is one of the heaviest metals ever found on earth.  Its ability to retain its strength and shape, even at very high temperatures, has made it the perfect metal for heating elements.  As a result, tungsten has been widely used by NASA for aerospace applications such as rocket engine nozzles.  Its natural density also makes tungsten the ideal material for ballast keels and counterweights.  Until the tungsten carbide alloy was first introduced, its application as a jewelry metal wasn’t possible.

The alloy form of this metal may be similar in density to gold, but it is far more durable and long lasting and won’t lose its shape after years of wear.  The only material hard enough to make a noticeable dent in men’s tungsten wedding bands is a diamond. Plus, if you’re sensitive to the nickel that is often used in white gold alloys, hypoallergenic tungsten carbide is an ideal choice.


What does all of this mean to you?

If you’re in the market for men’s wedding rings, you want to choose a ring that will require very little maintenance and look just as good ten or twenty years from now as it does on your wedding day.  Because of its natural density and scratch-resistance, the polished shine of men’s tungsten wedding bands will remain the same as the day you bought it.  You may find other rings that make similar promises, but no other metal has the strength to carry it out as well as tungsten.

Also, if you’ve been pricing gold rings lately, you may have noticed that some retailers have raised their prices on gold rings.  A sharp rise in gold prices has caused many shoppers to think twice about gold.  Polished tungsten carbide and white tungsten rings look a lot like white gold and platinum, respectively, but without the cost.  Even at, where their gold rings have been rolled back to 2009 pricing, the mens  tungsten wedding bands are still quite a bit cheaper.


When you are looking for that special ring that will be with you for decades to come, it makes sense to consider buying a tungsten ring.  Not only are they less expensive now; they will stand up to wear and tear a lot longer than any other metal.  For the best prices and selection of men’s tungsten wedding bands, shop

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