Isn’t it funny how one little word or phrase can mean so much in describing a product? Take men’s wedding rings and men’s wedding bands for example. While rings and bands may be synonymous to some people, others have a very good reason to choose one word over the other. After being asked several times if there really is a difference between the two, I finally decided it was time to ask the experts – women, of course. 

Women are known for being more loquacious, or talkative, about such topics, and can usually explain almost anything relating to fashion in great detail. Women are also more specific in describing their own jewelry. For example, it is the ladies who clearly represent their engagement ring as a “ring” and their wedding band as a “band”. (How many times have you heard a woman say “he gave me an engagement band”?) But when I asked a few women I know why “men’s wedding rings” and “men’s wedding bands” are used to describe the same thing, I got some interesting responses. 

For example, some women said “men’s wedding rings” sounded classier, and dressier, than “men’s wedding bands”, although they couldn’t explain why. On the other hand a few women said they could understand why men call their wedding rings “bands”. “It’s all based on the concept of being ‘banded’ together in holy matrimony,” said one woman I know, “Men who don’t wear rings as a general rule will make the exception for a wedding band,” she said, “just as long as it’s not called a ring.” 

The jewelry industry may have something to do with the fact that men’s wedding bands are often called rings. Today’s most popular wedding jewelry for men includes a full range of fashion and alternative rings in a variety of new metals that can be worn as either a fashion ring or as an alternative wedding band. These men’s wedding rings, which are available online in sizes up to 18, tend to be more fashionable and less expensive than gold, making them the ideal alternative to a conventional men’s wedding band. 

It seems like every other day another new metal is being mined, refined and designed into exquisite pieces of jewelry. The most recent entry into the “industrial metals” category is cobalt chrome. Other favorites include tungsten, titanium and stainless steel. The unparalleled strength and durability of these metals make them a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. 

To summarize, it doesn’t matter whether you call it a men’s wedding ring or a men’s wedding band. The most important thing is, if you’re getting married you need to buy one. Band or ring, you will find the best selection of men’s wedding rings on the Internet by visiting This site is the best online resource I’ve found for top-quality men’s wedding bands and rings at affordable prices.

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