We all know the popular connection between big hands and another male body part, but that’s not what this article is about. Having big hands isn’t always a good thing for men, especially when it comes time to buy a ring. As a fashion expert, I am often asked, “Where can I find Men’s Large Rings?” The answer is, large rings for men can be found online.

Contrary to popular belief, the reason so many men refuse to wear a ring has less to do with disliking jewelry than it does with the difficulty of finding men’s large rings. Large rings for men usually need to be special ordered, or are only available in a small selection of uninspiring styles. Plus, they tend to be a little pricier than regular-sized rings, which can be a deterrent for many buyers. 

Now that so many more men are comfortable shopping online, finding men’s large rings is as simple as Googling “large rings for men” and finding a web site like Mens-Wedding-Rings.com. Ever since they launched this niche web site for men’s wedding rings, Roy and Judy Devine have found that their site is a magnet for men who have been disenfranchised by popular jewelry store chains. Men who are searching for men’s large rings usually end up finding large rings for men on this web site or other specialty online retailers, not at their local jeweler. 

Buying men’s large rings is similar to buying large shoes or clothing for very tall men. It can be a frustrating experience unless you know where to shop. As men get taller with each passing generation, the average size of their fingers has increased as well. Instead of ending their size chart at size 12 or 13, men’s ring retailers need to adjust that to include sizes 14 through 18, and start offering a better selection of large rings for men. Until this happens, the Internet is the best place to start your search for a designer or fashion ring in a larger size. 

Shopping online for men’s large rings is easy, but remember, the best looking large rings for men have a wider band size. Most jewelers will recommend a minimum of 8mm in width for rings that are larger than size 12. The best looking men’s large rings are often 10mm wide and designed in a chunkier style, or one that is not overly embellished. If you are looking for fashion rings in large sizes, consider buying a shank ring or one with a large onyx gemstone. For wedding bands, consider a lightweight titanium ring that will stand up to everyday wear and tear. 

At online retailers like Mens-Wedding-Rings.com, there is no need to special order a men’s large size ring. They carry a wide variety of large rings, up to size 18, in many of their most popular styles. But before you start shopping around for rings, be sure to use the online size charts to be sure you are ordering the right size. For men who have stayed away from buying rings because of size availability, a full range of men’s large rings is now available online and can be delivered to your home in just a few days.

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