In case you haven’t noticed, men don’t buy a whole lot of jewelry.  With the exception of a luxury watch and maybe a school ring, the first time a man enters a jewelry store to buy something for himself is usually when he’s shopping for wedding rings.  This means men rarely know much about wedding ring sizingcomfort fit rings or the wide range of jewelry metals now available for men.

After speaking with some of my guy friends about how comfortable they are with buying jewelry, they all said they prefer shopping online for wedding rings.  Not only are the prices much lower online, but the selection of rings is so much better than what is available at most jewelry stores.  It turns out that the only problem they had was with ordering the ring in the right size.

If you are planning to purchase wedding rings online from a leading wedding ring retailer – such as – then it is important to learn as much as you can about wedding ring sizing for comfort fit and traditional fit rings.  Of course, all of the wedding rings sold at are guaranteed, but in the interest of time and convenience it helps to get the size right before placing your order.

As a way to answer the most frequently asked questions about ring sizing, I have put together this overview to help you determine the right size for your wedding ring.  Below are some of the most common issues relating to wedding ring sizing, comfort fit rings, and which rings look best in large sizes.

What is the best way to determine your exact ring size?

Before you select a men’s wedding ring, you need to know your exact ring size.  At, you will find a whole section on wedding ring sizing to help you get started, but the most accurate way to measure your ring finger is to visit a local jeweler and get it professionally sized.

What is a comfort-fit ring?

A comfort-fit ring is slightly domed on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.  This design also prevents the ring from cutting into a man’s finger and makes it easier to slip on and off.  Slightly heavier than traditional flat-fit rings, a comfort fit wedding ring is also more valuable than a standard-fit alternative, and they are ideal for men who are unaccustomed to wearing a ring.  It is important to note that when it comes to wedding ring sizing, comfort fit rings are typically one half-size smaller than a standard-fit wedding ring.


Why does wedding ring sizing change with a comfort fit ring?

Comfort-fit rings are fitted a half-size smaller than non-comfort-fit rings. A size 10 comfort-fit ring and a size 10 traditional-fit ring will look the same on the outside, and may even have the same circumference around the outside edge, but on the inside these rings are very different.  This explains the different methodology behind wedding ring sizing for comfort fit rings.

Which rings look best on men who wear larger sizes?

The answer to this question will depend a lot on your personal taste, but most men with large hands prefer a simpler ring with minimal detailing.  The best selling large size men’s rings combine brushed and polished textures on a flat or slightly domed profile.  Wider styles also work better on large hands because they are more proportional with wide fingers.


How do I handle ring sizing when the ring is a surprise gift?

The best way to determine your partner’s ring size is to borrow one of the rings he already wears and slide that ring down a tapered candle.  If you measure the circumference of the spot where the ring stops, you can line that up with the size chart at to determine the ring size.  If there is no existing ring to measure, then you may need to wrap a thin strip of paper or a piece of string around his finger while he’s sleeping and measure that. The most accurate way to do this is to mark the spot where the string or paper overlaps and measure that on a flat surface, in millimeters.

Whatever you do, don’t let questions about wedding ring sizing and comfort fit rings keep you from getting the best prices and selection available online. can help you order the right sized ring for your new wedding ring.

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