One of the most eye-catching trends to emerge in contemporary men’s wedding rings has been square wedding bands. Often referred to as four sided rings, these unique rings are decidedly different from their circular counterparts. Here are five reasons to consider buying a square wedding band.

They have an utterly unique look. What is the hallmark feature that defines a ring? That it’s round, of course. Square wedding bands completely subvert the idea of what a wedding ring is and what it looks like. For men who want a wedding ring that defies tradition yet still has a timeless appearance, a square wedding band is an obvious choice.
Most of these rings still have a slightly rounded shape with four distinct square corners, though sometimes the shape is so subtle that a viewer is not exactly sure what makes the ring different…they just know it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

They’re still comfortable to wear. Don’t let the exterior of square wedding bands fool you: they still have a rounded interior that makes them just as comfortable to wear as standard round rings. Designer square wedding bands often come with comfort fit interiors, which offer additional material on the interior to provide a more rounded fit to relieve any pressure applied on the finger and ensure lasting ease of wear.

They come in a variety of materials. Square wedding bands aren’t just limited to one material – they can come in a variety of metals and materials. Currently square wedding bands are most commonly seen in cool contemporary materials that reflect the modern leanings of this unique design. However, new materials can certainly be expected, especially as the square shape continues to increase in popularity.
Titanium, Argentium silver and cobalt chrome are especially good choices for square wedding bands. All of these materials offer excellent quality paired with relative affordability, making square wedding bands a nearly irresistible choice.

They are cleanly modern. For those who prefer simple, geometric and modern lines, square wedding bands are an excellent choice. Some men have difficulty finding the right band that suits their modern sensibilities; one that is not too plainly traditional yet not too ornately detailed. Square wedding bands offer a perfect balance of an unusual look with clean symmetry of design that appeals to those who appreciate both minimalism and bold visual appeal.

Some square wedding bands are further defined by additional understated details, like mixed finishes (for example, a satin center with polished edges), groove accents or a slight added bevel to the edge.

They hold their own meaning. Circular rings are understood to stand for eternity and unity, and square wedding bands hold their own special meaning. The square shape implies unity as well as balance and completeness due to its four corners – think of the four seasons, four navigational directions and four prime elements. A square is also a symbol of pragmatism, dependability and foundation, three very important elements of a successful marriage.

Would you try a square wedding band?

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