Cobalt chrome is not yet a “household name,” not even among some jewelry insiders, but it expected to quickly become one of the top-selling wedding ring metals this year.  Some designers have already released complete collections of cobalt wedding bands, which include everything from the simplest polished bands to grooved and carved dual-finish wedding rings.  If you are unfamiliar with this revolutionary new metal, the cobalt ring reviews below will give you a much better idea of what’s out there in the world of cobalt chrome.

Cobalt chrome is an alternative metal and an incredible choice in men’s wedding bands. Similar in color to platinum, this metal has a durability and strength that is similar to that of titanium and tungsten.  The scratch resistant surface of cobalt rings will never fade or tarnish, nor will it break, shatter or chip.  Also, the weight of a cobalt chrome ring is closer to gold, falling somewhere between stainless steel and tungsten.

2012 Cobalt Ring Reviews

Rounded and polished bands look great with a slightly domed profile, which shows off the brilliance and white color of this incredible metal.  With these rings, the wider styles usually look best, as this allows for a larger polished surface.

Grooved cobalt rings start out with a flat satin profile and then add the distinctive “edge” of highly polished raised bands.  The juxtaposition of brushed and polished finishes on this textural ring makes an elegant fashion statement.

Beveled edge rings begin with a flat brushed profile that would look terrific on its own, but then add the brilliant surprise of beveled edges on each side.  A unique and alluring designer look!

Carbon fiber rings are available in other metals too, but the brilliance of cobalt provides better contrast against a black carbon fiber inlay.  Step-down polished edges complete the look of these exquisite cobalt rings.

Hammered cobalt rings bring back the age-old tradition of handcrafted men’s rings, but unlike their silver counterparts, these fashionable cobalt rings are dressier and brighter in color.

An excellent alternative to traditional wedding bands, cobalt chrome rings are quickly becoming the preferred choice in men’s rings. These cobalt ring reviews are just one way to learn about the latest designs available, but it is also a good idea to compare prices online.   If you’re looking for the best selection of men’s cobalt rings, including the ones reviewed in this article, the best place to find them is at an online men’s wedding ring retailer.

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