It used to be that purchasing a men’s wedding band either required that one had the budget for a traditional (and expensive) gold ring, or that they had to settle for a lower quality substitute. In what is turning out to be a win-win situation for consumers, these days it is entirely possible to buy high quality yet affordable men’s wedding bands. Here are three reasons why.

Alternative metals and materials. The emergence of intriguing alternative metals and materials, each with their own distinct set of natural characteristics and benefits, means that the men’s wedding band market has radically expanded. Alternative materials offer a rainbow of possibilities to consumers with completely different objectives. For some, they offer a chance to have a men’s wedding band that is more unique in appearance. For others, a particular alternative material may instead have the classic and traditional look of a precious metal paired with affordability.
Some of these materials even have features that more traditionally used metals like gold, platinum and silver don’t offer:  tarnish, crack or scratch–resistance, hypoallergenic or biocompatible properties, extreme lightness of weight or intense durability. Some of the most popular alternative materials currently on the market include titanium (light, durable and hypoallergenic), tungsten (scratch-resistant and extremely strong), cobalt chrome (lustrous, hypoallergenic and crack-resistant) and ceramic or Seranite (light, durable and scratch-resistant).

More sourcing options. There simply used to be not as many men’s wedding bands on the market, and those that were readily available were produced by larger jewelry firms with more expensive pricing. Nowadays the number of sourcing options are staggering – not just for the retailer and consumer, but for the designers themselves, who can obtain high quality materials at lower prices from all over the world and pass along the savings. This has also allowed smaller and more boutique jewelry producers to enter the market with competitive prices and interesting new men’s wedding band designs.

Online pricing and savvier shoppers. As a general rule, online retailers can afford to offer much more inexpensive pricing than their brick and mortar counterparts, who often bulk up their price tags to account for the higher inventory and employee overhead that having a physical store location demands. This highly competitive online market keeps pricing naturally low, and seasonal promotions and sales tend to be more frequent. Shoppers have in turn educated themselves not only on the best sources for buying men’s wedding bands online, but on available materials and designers.

With all the newly available material and design options, not to mention increasingly attractive pricing, there has never been a better time to purchase men’s wedding bands online.

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