Having trouble deciding which wedding band color to go with? Why settle for one color when you can have two? Two tone wedding bands are one of the hottest trends in men’s rings, yet they are still classic enough to be a top contender for your forever ring. Here are some important items to keep in mind when purchasing two tone wedding bands.

Two tone wedding bands are versatile. For men that frequently wear other accessory items like watches, cuff links or bracelets, two tone wedding bands are the most versatile ring choice. Because they are not limited to just one color, they match to a greater number of other accessories and colors. This makes them especially ideal for guys that regularly switch up their other standard accessories, or who simply want a wedding band that suits any occasion.

Two tone wedding bands are symbolic. Two tone wedding bands aren’t just practical; they also hold a deeper symbolic meaning. The two colors in your wedding band represent two people coming together in union to form a single soul and partnership. The reminder of your unity through marriage is subtly implied every time you wear two tone wedding bands.

The color combinations are endless. There is virtually no limit to the possible combinations for two tone wedding bands, with regards to both color and material. The most popularly seen combination, of course, is silver and gold. This particular combination contains what are considered to be the most classic hues for metallics, and projects a certain richness and understated opulence. This pairing can be seen as any combination of a white and gold metal, though white and yellow gold is always a good choice.
A more contemporary and “edgier” color combination is black and silver or black and gunmetal grey. Black two tone wedding bands can come in a number of materials but are most commonly seen in ceramic, titanium, tungsten or stainless steel. Silver is a perfect complement to black in two tone rings, though gunmetal grey materials like titanium and tungsten can pair well to black or blackened accents.

There are a wide variety of two tone styles. Two tone wedding bands can also vary greatly in style, from more traditional designs to sleek modern styles. Some men prefer to stick to more understated two tone wedding bands given the more unconventional look of more than one color. Others find that two tone wedding bands highlight interesting designs and details and are more adventurous with regards to style.

There is no single price tag for two tone wedding bands. Because two tone wedding bands are available in a multitude of styles, materials and color combinations, there is no single price point for these eye-catching rings. This means that those seeking two tone wedding bands are sure to find a ring that fits their budget as well as their personal style.

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