A surprising trend in wedding rings for men has pushed its way to the forefront of the jewelry market over the last couple of years: wedding bands that are entirely black or have significant black accents. Black wedding rings for men can come in a variety of materials, styles and price points and offer a decidedly striking and masculine look. Here are a few options for infusing an ebony hue into wedding rings for men.


Black ceramic wedding rings for men offer a number of advantages in addition to their cool jet hue: they’re also light, sturdy and affordable. Seranite men’s wedding rings are a high quality designer option from noted jewelry producer Benchmark, and are put through a proprietary sintering process that makes them incredibly scratch-resistant and durable. Both designer and non-designer black ceramic wedding rings for men can come in a variety of finishes that complement their unusual shade, from matte to satin to highly polished.



Black titanium wedding rings for men have all the benefits of titanium with the stylish appearance of a black band. Titanium is incredibly lightweight, strong and crack-resistant. Black titanium is generally created by applying a treatment that goes through the ring, not just one applied to the surface. Black titanium is also hypoallergenic.


For those looking for precious black wedding rings for men, black diamonds are an excellent option. Offering the luxury of diamonds with a distinctly modern twist, black diamonds have an exclusive and unique look. Black diamonds are also perfect for adding a hint of ebony while still adhering to a classic primary band color.


Like black diamonds, blackened or oxidized accents are a great way to bring black into men’s wedding bands without having it become the dominant color. No matter what the base material is, blackened accents are generally created by adding a metal that easily oxidizes to the surface of the ring, like sterling silver or brass. Another option for black accents in wedding rings for men is achieved by using enamel, which also lends a somewhat vintage appeal to the band.

It’s easy to incorporate a little or a lot of black into your men’s wedding rings. While black wedding rings for men may be a current hot trend, there’s no reason to believe that black rings will not continue to endure. Choosing the right wedding ring for men in black will doubtless provide you with a singular and eye-catching band for years to come.

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