Men who aren’t familiar with jewelry generally want to keep it that way, but there is something about planning a wedding that makes even the most macho guy willing to try on a few men’s rings.  Ultimately, he may let his fiancée decide, but online shopping has made it a lot easier to “drag” him to the jewelry store.

Unlike biker rings, military rings and school rings, a wedding band is the most important men’s ring he will ever buy.  It might even be fun for a guy to look at a variety of different styles and try to figure out which metal he prefers.  Rather than spending hours with an overanxious jewelry store salesperson, today’s tech-savvy guy prefers the Internet.  Not only is it easier to find the right ring at the right price; specialty web stores offer a much more “guy-friendly” shopping experience.

You may want to spend time reviewing the newer alternative metals, such as titanium, cobalt and tungsten before deciding which ring to buy, but it helps to know what you’re looking for first.  Not all of these men’s rings need to be worn as a wedding band; in fact many of them are sold as fashion rings or promise rings.

Here are some of the latest trends in men’s rings:

Black Titanium Rings – Men who want to wear something a little edgier and different than the average guy will love solid black titanium men’s rings.  Colored from the inside using a special chemical process, a black titanium ring will not lose its color or wear down.

Cobalt Chrome Rings – Unlike some of the other industrial metals on the market, men’s rings made from cobalt chrome have a bright white finish that is similar to platinum.  Because they’re made from durable cobalt, these shiny hypoallergenic men’s rings won’t tarnish, chip, fade or shatter, and they have a maintenance free luster that lasts and lasts.

Cable Rings – For the man who enjoys a less traditional ring, men’s cable rings are a great way to go.  They incorporate black or stainless steel cables, which are usually visible through grooves or cut-outs on the face of the ring.  These industrialized designs look great when paired with polished titanium and for added style; some add gold-tone screws or a single CZ.

Men’s Promise Rings – Depending on your age and where you live, you may have been hearing a lot about men’s promise rings lately.  Some women purchase these sentimental men’s rings as a symbol of their love, and they make the perfect gift for a couple who is in a long-distance committed relationship, but they also work well as a wedding band.

These are just a few of the trendiest men’s rings now available at specialty online stores.  Other metals include sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, platinum, palladium, and tungsten. Guys are choosing rings with carbon fiber insets, two tone black and silver striped rings, and rings that are engraved, carved, braided and diamond cut.  For the best variety at the most affordable prices, check out

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