Traditionally, men’s wedding rings have been made out of precious metals like gold, sterling silver and platinum, but today’s men are turning to a more durable and less expensive metal – stainless steel. Long known for being very strong and scratch resistant, stainless steel men’s wedding rings make a sensible alternative to softer metals. They have become especially popular among men who want a more masculine, edgy-looking ring. 

When most people think of stainless steel, the first thing that comes to mind is cutlery, kitchen appliances or medical instruments, but the stainless steel used in these applications is a different grade of metal than what is used to make wedding rings. Our stainless steel men’s wedding rings are made from a higher grade of steel, known as 316L surgical steel. If you are considering a stainless steel men’s wedding ring, be sure to order it in the correct size. 
Stainless steel is a very hard metal, so if your ring is too large or too small it cannot be resized. 

Stainless steel is a metal alloy that contains at least 10.5% Chromium and more than 50% Iron. It is highly stain resistant, hence the name “stainless” steel, and its appearance is bright because of how well it reflects light. It is the chromium in this alloy that keeps it from corroding. The chromium reacts with oxygen to form an invisible layer of chromium oxide film on the metal’s surface. Even when this film is chemically damaged or scratched, the alloy is self-healing as long as it is exposed to oxygen. The 316L stainless steel alloy used to make jewelry can be easily refinished by a jeweler, and will never oxidize or turn black. 

Men who are looking for a stylish yet affordable wedding band will be very happy with a stainless steel ring. Stainless steel is a hypo-allergenic metal which never dulls or loses its shine, and it will last a lifetime even under the toughest conditions. Plus, stainless steel men’s wedding rings are now available in many attractive designs and styles. 

Besides being a sensible and less expensive metal, stainless steel rings are often considered a “man’s ring”. Let’s face it; men are much tougher on rings than women are, so wearing a softer metal like gold doesn’t make much sense. Maybe that explains why you will rarely find a stainless steel ring made for women. Men who work with their hands or enjoy outdoor sports are usually much better off choosing an alternative metal, especially for a wedding ring they will be wearing every day. 

Unlike some other metals made from composite alloys, there is no need to worry about skin discoloration, and stainless steel men’s wedding rings will never tarnish. In fact, stainless steel jewelry can look good longer than many other metals. Whether you are looking for a simple stainless steel men’s wedding ring, or one that is grooved, polished, ridged, black, beveled, two-toned, or brushed; stainless steel men’s wedding rings are an inexpensive, stylish alternative to traditional metals.

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