Even if you don’t look at a calendar, it’s clear that spring is in the air.  Birds are singing, flowers are starting to bloom, and the grass is greener than it’s been all year.  For those of you who are planning spring weddings, this can only mean one thing.  It’s time to choose your wedding rings!  You’ve spent months taking care of every last detail in planning your special day; choosing a venue, a photographer, gowns and tuxedos, invitations, the guest list, flowers and much more.  Now you are finally nearing the finish line and ready to choose your rings.

Spring weddings are a great time to look for something totally new and unique in a wedding band.  Designers have just released their latest collections for the season, so it will be easy to find that perfect wedding band to suit your personality and style.  Sometimes the choice of a mens wedding band is a bit more perplexing than a woman’s.  Ladies are usually looking for a ring that matches her engagement ring, but men are starting from scratch.  Instead of shopping for a traditional gold band, why not look for a unique and alternative men’s ring?  Spring weddings are a reminder of the newness of your life together, and this calls for a wedding band that matches the season.

If you are planning a spring wedding and just starting to look at men’s wedding bands, you may be surprised at how unique and alternative men’s rings are catching on. Instead of relying on the traditional gold or platinum wedding band, men are embracing the latest styles and metals in their choice of wedding jewelry.  The latest collections include men’s rings made from tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome and stainless steel, many of which are inlaid with black or blue carbon fiber.  Some are made with monochromatic or two tone black titanium or black tungsten; others are available in brushed, engraved, hammered and woven textures. There is no limit to the imagination behind these designs.

The key thing to remember with alternative mens wedding bands is to choose one that matches your personality.  Because these newer metals were originally used in industry, they are extremely durable and scratch resistant; in many cases outlasting gold rings.

Spring weddings call for a new approach to popular nuptial traditions; and choosing that special wedding band is a great way to start out your marriage in style.

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