When people think of wedding rings, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a woman’s ring; but with so many exciting new metals and interesting designs available, wedding rings for men are capturing a lot more attention. 

Men tend to wear very little jewelry, aside from a watch, so their wedding ring may be the only serious piece of jewelry they own. It’s not surprising that men would approach this type of purchase a bit more hesitantly than women, so here are some of the basic things you should know before shopping for wedding rings for men. 

First, let’s look at the color of your ring. Just like women’s rings, men’s wedding rings are available in white and yellow metals, including gold, platinum and sterling silver. But thanks to some newer industrial metals, they are also available in some other shades – such as black tungsten. 

Next, you will want to check out the selection of non-traditional metals on the market like titanium, palladium, tungsten and stainless steel. These metals tend to be stronger, more durable and far less expensive than gold. After choosing your metal, take some time to browse the latest styles. Gone are the days when men were happy wearing a simple metal band. Today there are hundreds of designs to choose from, including scrolled, braided, brushed finish, hammered, two-toned and grooved. 

As for size, unless you have very large hands you should stick with a ring that is no more than 7mm wide. Try to choose a ring that will be comfortable on your hand and won’t pinch. Some rings are available with a rounded edge, known as a “comfort fit”, which is curved on the inside and more comfortable for men who are not accustomed to wearing a ring. Many wedding rings for men can be upgraded with comfort fit. 

Speaking of comfort, before you order your ring you may want to have your ring finger professionally sized. This is especially important if you will be ordering a harder metal like titanium or stainless steel since these metals are nearly impossible to resize. 

Gone are the days when wedding rings for men had to be plain and boring. Men are now demanding a more exciting selection of rings to celebrate their wedding. Consider some of the more affordable and durable metals on the market, like titanium, sterling silver, tungsten and stainless steel. You will be surprised at the variety of unique and attractive men’s wedding rings now available in every style and price range.

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