Tis the season to get married Tra La La La LA LA LA LA LA. Wedding season is almost here - run for your lives. Just kidding! If you have landed here you’re a bride or groom imagining a room full of roses and lilies on lavish centrepieces and gorgeous wedding bands.

Weddings are beautiful occasions and we love them, especially if you're a guest. To me the reception is always the best part of the wedding. Free to get drunk, eat everything and listen to some hilarious, often drunk speeches. Then there is the dancing, this is the time when you get to act like a fool at an otherwise formal occasion. Line dances, slow dancing, brides on chairs, dance like nobody's watching.

So April kicks off the wedding season filled with shrieks and cries from the newly engaged. If you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t get proposed to this leap year, chances are it’s your turn next. Women go ga ga for getting married around Easter and spring.

Which brings me to men’s wedding bands. The modern man is stepping away from the traditional gold wedding ring and getting creative with design, style and now metal. Not only are men even wearing a wedding band, considering their fathers before them probably didn’t, there is now talk of platinum, titanium and cobalt chrome for the groom.

Strange as it may seem men didn’t wear them until recently. Men thought (and probably still do) of jewelry as a girl thing. Fear not strong hunters, your ring need not be effeminate. Most men’s wedding rings are simple wide bands that you would definitely not confuse with women’s jewelry. Men’s wedding bands can add to a look of strength to your hands.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Designer platinum wedding bands, it says elegance and style and is very much on trend this wedding season. It’s fast becoming all the rage with the modern groom and for the young-at-heart groom too.

In most cases (not all) men prefer to go under the radar and wear plain wedding bands. While that used to be the case, a man’s wedding band holds just as much sway as a woman’s wedding ring these days, matching her in style, design and now metal. Men’s wedding bands are back in style, with platinum at the helm.

So man up and make a statement. Your bride is not only begging you for everlasting love, she wants a unique ring to go with it.


The platinum wedding band has long been a symbol of love and commitment and one of the most versatile and durable metals on the market. Naturally white in colour and because of its strength, the platinum wedding band has become a popular choice for adventurous men.
Platinum does not oxidise which means the colour remains as new and shiny as the day you bought it, it does not tarnish. Check out these stylish choices.

The platinum designer comfort fit: For a man who just wants to slap it on and call it a day. However I will say, it’s gleaming, polished, beautiful and a premium quality design. Perfect symbol of your love.

Platinum with 7 channel set diamonds: A sophisticated ring to tote around on his finger.

Designer flat profile fit: For the classic man who sees beauty in simplicity.

Platinum men’s wedding band with hammered finish: Adding a bit of personality with an engraved pattern.

Men are becoming on trend and in fashion this wedding season and have really began to care about what their rings look like. There was once a time where they would have been satisfied with slipping on any old thing and be done with it.

Maybe they didn’t have the options they have today or maybe it was seen as girly to care about what their ring looked like. Today’s man has a sophisticated taste that hankers for personality and style.

Men’s wedding rings don’t have to be boring. They can now be eye catching and attention grabbing that can still symbolise the joining of two people in marriage.

Happy ring shopping Tra La La La LA LA LA LA LA.

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