As a wedding consultant and guest blogger, I enjoy helping couples plan their dream wedding. This involves a lot of planning, right down to the last detail. My clients often ask me for advice on choosing the wedding rings, particularly when the wedding has a specific theme. Christmas weddings and beach weddings are two of my favorite “theme weddings”, and there are many ways to make these weddings unique and memorable. But when it comes to selecting wedding rings, my advice to the bride and groom is to look for a set of wedding rings that expresses who they are as a couple, or matches their lifestyle and commitment in a personal way. 

In my experience, people who plan Christmas weddings or other “theme weddings” are trying to carry that theme through everything from the invitations to the dinner menu and table décor. But when it’s time to shop for wedding rings, it is a good idea to drop the theme and think about the long term. After all, you will both be wearing your wedding rings for many years to come; long after the theme of your wedding day becomes a pleasant memory. 

The most popular rings today usually fall into the category of “alternative wedding rings”, which means they incorporate more daring designs than the traditional plain gold band. Even the choice of a non-traditional metal can make a ring alternative. For some couples, an unconventional wedding band can be a ring that is normally worn as a fashion ring, such as Christian rings, Claddagh rings, or sleek bands with a carbon fiber inset. Other people interpret alternative as a chunkier ring made from tungsten, titanium or cobalt chrome. The key to choosing a cutting-edge wedding ring is to make it a personal statement of who you are, rather than a cookie-cutter yellow gold band. 

In a Christmas wedding, the presentation of the rings is where you can get a little creative. This could mean dressing up the ring bearer and flower girl as little “elves” and having them deliver the rings to the alter as if they were Christmas gifts. Since Christmas is the season for giving, finding the perfect ring can give two people who are madly in love the opportunity to surprise each other as well. It may be a little non-traditional, but why not surprise your future spouse by choosing a wedding ring for him and presenting it as a special gift on your wedding day? 

There are many ways to incorporate a holiday theme into your nuptials and make your Christmas wedding an event that will be remembered fondly for years to come. You just have to get creative!

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