Usually buying a men’s wedding ring is a once in a lifetime kind of event, but there are some instances that might require that you update or replace your wedding band. Here are some of the top signs that it’s time to buy a new men’s wedding ring.

Your ring doesn’t fit. If you find that you seldom wear your men’s wedding ring because it’s too tight of a squeeze on your finger, it’s time to invest in a new one. Some contemporary metals and materials for men’s wedding rings are unable to be resized, so if you are seeking an alternative material, make sure to choose one that will allow for resizing, like cobalt chrome.

Your ring is heavily scratched. Some individuals, particularly those that work a lot with their hands, tend to easily scratch their men’s wedding rings. Some materials for mens’ wedding rings, however high quality and otherwise attractive, can tend to show their wear even after only a short period of time. If you tend to be hard on your men’s wedding ring, consider choosing a durable alternative material like Seraniteor tungsten, both of which are incredibly scratch-resistant.

Your ring is looking dull. If your wedding band has had a perpetual cloudy look that no amount of polishing or electroplating will amend, you may need to accept that it’s time to replace it. It could be that at one point your men’s wedding ring came into contact with a harsh chemical or other harmful substance and the finish was permanently damaged, but in any case, it’s important that you can wear your ring proudly. Consider a naturally lustrous and tarnish-resistant material like cobalt chrome.

Your ring chafes. You wear your men’s wedding ring day in and day out, and it should feel good on your finger. If you find that your ring is constantly chafing your finger or just plain uncomfortable, try a wedding band that offers comfort fit technology. Comfort fit men’s wedding rings maintain a traditional appearance but the interior of the band is rounded in such a way that an ease of wear is assured. A vast number of styles of men’s wedding rings are available with comfort fit bands, so if you want something that resembles your current ring, the odds are that you’ll at least be able to find something very similar.

Your ring is outdated. There is nothing wrong with continuing to wear a ring that is meaningful to you and symbolic of your sacred union, even if it has been made in a fashion that has long since passed. However, if you are yearning for something a little more traditional or classic, it certainly does not hurt to see what options are currently available on the market. With so many styles and materials now available in men’s wedding rings, you are sure to be able to find something that you love and that will become just as important to you.

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