Men’s wedding rings are just like men themselves: incredibly diverse, and each with their own unique set of characteristics and strengths. Here are some of the most popular men’s wedding rings for every type of man.

The traditionalist. For the man who prefers a traditional wedding band, it doesn’t get any better than a yellow gold ring with a simple domed profile. Gold in its natural yellow hue has been treasured as a jewelry making material since Ancient Egypt, and it’s accordingly been a primary metal for use in men’s wedding rings. A simple polished wedding band with a slightly domed profile showcases the natural beauty of gold while remaining understated enough for daily wear.

The modernist. Lovers of modern design are often best suited to men’s wedding rings in classic silvery white tones. Choices for silver toned rings used to be limited to platinum, white gold and sterling silver, but these days the material options are far more varied. Palladium men’s wedding rings are swiftly becoming an increasingly popular choice for guys who want a precious metal ring that is not platinum or white gold. For men who want a more affordable white metal band, cobalt chrome, stainless steel and white tungsten are all excellent options.

The pragmatist. The man who wants a timeless and durable wedding ring yet who also wants to keep his budget in check will fortunately not suffer for a lack of options. The modern market offers countless contemporary materials that are easily under $100, including titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, ceramic and sterling silver. Even 10K gold men’s wedding rings can have price tags in the double digits. Of course, the practical man will thin his options by considering his lifestyle: does he need a hypoallergenic ring? A scratch or crack-resistant one? One that is low maintenance? From there he should be able to determine his ideal (yet affordable) wedding band.

The free spirit. For the guy who feels bogged down by heavy jewelry, men’s wedding rings in lightweight materials such as titanium and ceramic are often the best option. Despite their lack of heft, these contemporary materials are very durable, making them ideal as wedding rings. One trend that is particularly dominating the market and certain to appeal to men who like a more off-the-beaten track look is black wedding rings. While distinctly different in appearance from traditional gold and silver toned rings, men’s black rings are still neutral and versatile.

The adventurer. Men who like rustic yet sophisticated elements are likely to gravitate towards wood inlay rings. Wood inlays are of the hottest trends in men’s wedding rings right now, and one of the most sought after wood inlay choices is Koa, an exotic Hawaiian wood that offers a rich reddish hue and natural variations in its grain. When set in materials such as tungsten, cobalt chrome or titanium, these men’s wedding rings are stylish yet affordable.

What men’s wedding ring suits you best?

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