It may still be early in January, but any hopeless romantic will tell you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If this is the special date you’ve been waiting for to “pop the question”, then it may be time to start tossing around a few ideas to make that special day as memorable as possible. As someone who has a lot of experience with selling men’s wedding bands and rings, I’m often considered an “expert” in these areas; probably because I’ve heard every engagement story there is from my customers. Everything from proposals written on airplane banners and flown across a beach, to proposals written on jigsaw puzzles or spelled out in jellybeans; chances are I’ve heard about it. Most people want something a little less crazy but they still want it to be memorable and romantic occasion. 

Here are a few of my personal favorite ways to propose on Valentine’s Day. 

  1. Get her a heart-shaped box of fancy truffles or chocolates at your favorite candy store and remove the center piece. Replace it with a ring-sized velvet pillow that holds her diamond engagement ring and the words “Will you marry me?” on a ribbon across the inside of the box. 

  2. This one may take some advance planning, but it’s one of my favorites. While out shopping together, take her into your jewelry store. Instead of heading over to the diamond engagement rings section, start looking at men’s rings. She may wonder why the jeweler is showing you men’s wedding bands until she sees a woman’s engagement ring nestled among them – her ring! (This would be the perfect time to get down on one knee.) 

  3. Purchase a large number of red roses and spell out the words “Will you marry me” on her front lawn. Or, better yet, invite her over and watch her face as she reads the rose petals on your living room floor. Let the velvet box containing her ring be the “dot” in the question mark. 

  4. If you plan to propose during dinner out at a restaurant, then you may want to plan ahead. You can either have the waiter bring her a “special menu” with your romantic proposal in it, or you can arrange for it to fall out of her fortune cookie. 

  5. While some guys love to be served in a restaurant, others are much more comfortable donning an apron and cooking an intimate dinner for the woman they love. Let’s face it; on a special night like this, it helps to play the role of personal chef, waiter and dining partner. Why not write “Will you marry me?” in piped icing around the edge of her dessert plate? Or find an innovative way to “serve” her engagement ring as part of the meal. 

Now that I’ve provided a few inspiring ideas, you will probably come up with ten more of your own. Just remember, proposing doesn’t have to be a harrowing task. You may be nervous about doing it right, or worried about a possible rejection, but don’t let that stop you from seizing the opportunity this Valentine’s Day. And once she says “yes”, remember to stop back and shop for the best men’s wedding bands and rings at

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