Are you searching for a men’s wedding band?  Whether you’re in the market for the first time ever, or the old one needs an upgrade, you may be hearing a lot about men’s tungsten rings.  In fact, you may be hearing a lot of other metals that will remind you of the Periodic Table of Elements from high school chemistry.  Whatever happened to the traditional metals, like white gold, yellow gold and platinum, you may ask?   Are men’s tungsten rings the new white gold?

It all depends on who you ask, but the modern metals you’ve been hearing about are making a “dent” in the precious metals market.  There is no doubt that jewelry buyers have become more practical as they try to cut back on the rising costs of wedding planning, but price isn’t the only reason these alternative rings are so popular.  Men are finding that harder and stronger industrial metals are easier to maintain.  They also retain their shine, and the designs don’t wear down over time.  In short, men’s tungsten rings give buyers more value for their money, and a ring that looks just as good in ten years as it does the first day it’s worn.

Before you start thinking that tungsten looks identical to white gold, it’s important to understand its distinctive qualities, which are quite a bit different than gold.  First of all, men’s tungsten rings are quite a bit heavier than gold, which some men say gives them a certain “gravitas.”  Secondly, the natural color of tungsten is somewhere between gunmetal gray and silver, but it looks much brighter when polished.  Tungsten rings can also be black in color, which is achieved by using a chemical process that blackens the metal throughout.  Unlike white gold, men’s tungsten rings are also hypoallergenic and they never need to be re-plated.

Just because men’s tungsten rings are so attractive doesn’t mean that white gold is out of style.  There are still plenty of men who will buy white gold, yellow gold and other precious metals.  But the market has definitely adjusted to fit a whole new breed of industrial metals for men’s wedding bands.  For example, men who prefer platinum are buying cobalt chrome rings, and men who prefer white gold or palladium might buy titanium, tungsten or stainless steel.

Guys who do their research on men’s tungsten rings before making a purchase are usually quite impressed with their findings.  These sturdy and attractive men’s rings score points on all counts.  If your first priority is style, then you’ll see how easy it is to find the latest alternative styles in tungsten.  If price is a deal breaker, then men’s tungsten rings will be a refreshing change from platinum or gold.  And if longevity and durability are important to you, then you simply cannot do better than men’s tungsten rings.

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