Men’s rings have become somewhat of a mainstay in fashion. Although there’s no doubt that modern men enjoy wearing rings in a number of styles and designs, this is far from being just a recent trend

Black Mens RingThe fact is that men have worn rings for various reasons for thousands of years. From the beginning of written history (around 3100 BC), artisans in Ancient Mesopotamia crafted jewelry for the nobility, often out of gold. Like their counterparts in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyptians valued that golden precious metal above all other jewelry-making materials, and they believed it to be symbolically connected to the sun. Talented craftsmen created masterful pieces of jewelry intended to be worn as an indicator of a man’s status in society, something that still continues in the modern day world.

Elsewhere across the globe, Celtic artisans favored primarily silver for their jewelry making. Peak years for the creation of some of the world’s most valued Celtic pieces of jewelry were from 800 BC to 550 AD, when these jewelry masters developed the magnificent Celtic designs that are still seen to this day, including the Celtic knot, the Claddagh symbol, the ancient triple spiral design and others. These exquisite patterns are commonly found on modern men’s rings and remain just as popular now as they have been for hundreds of years.

In the Americas, gold was once again highly valued by many native cultures. Aztec jewelry makers fashioned ornate gold rings for men to wear as a symbol of their status and nobility. The Mohican Tribe was also known for their talented jewelry craftsmen, who carved remarkably intricate patterns into malleable gold men’s rings. For hundreds of years, male members of native tribes throughout North America, Central America and South America wore men’s rings and other jewelry to indicate everything from their position within the tribe to their prowess as warriors or hunters.

With the passage of time, the popularity of men’s rings slowly decreased, and for many years men wore rings primarily to symbolize their devotion to groups – such as colleges, fraternities or professional associations. It was quite common (and still is in some circles) for men to wear rings as an indication of their religious beliefs and as a sign of faith. Still, men’s rings and other male jewelry items fell out of fashion for many years, beginning around the 18th century.

All that changed in the 1940s at the start of World War II, when men began wearing wedding rings on a regular basis. With many couples getting married immediately before a soldier was deployed, men wanted a reminder of their wife and family at home while they were fighting a distant war. Since that time, men’s rings and wedding bands have become increasingly popular. Today, men wear wedding bands, promise rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings and more – as a means of self-expression, an indication of devotion to a partner or simply because they like the way they look.

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