Men’s rings – how far they’ve come in such a relatively short period of time! The double-ring ceremony (where both partners exchange rings) emerged during the Great Depression, and gained popularity during WWII, when women would give rings to husbands going away to war. Today men’s rings are worn commonly around the world to symbolize the commitment of marriage, though ring style and wear might vary.

The traditional gold band is still the predominant choice in many European countries, and can be found in both flat and domed profiles. However, some European men are choosing to update this classic look with contemporary details like intricate designs, fancy milgrain edgesgroove accentscombination finishes and mixed metal or black oxidized accents.

In some cultures, men and women wear matching wedding rings. When this is the case, or even if a man is simply seeking a band that complements that of his bride’s, diamond accented men’s rings are an apt choice. Diamonds can now be found in a variety of metal bands, from traditional options like gold and platinum to contemporary and alternative metals like palladium, Argentium silver and cobalt chrome. Eternity men’s rings offer a clean and modern style, and can mirror a bride’s wedding band. With their bold, masculine look, black diamonds are a progressively popular substitute to traditional white diamonds for men’s rings.

A charming tradition that exists in countries like Romania involves the exchange of silver bands for a couple’s 25th anniversary. This lovely gift giving idea translates well for the American 25th, or silver anniversary, and men’s rings in fine sterling or Argentium silver make for ideal 25th anniversary gifts. In the event that a couple exchanged more humble rings at the time of their marriage, this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade the wedding rings and still maintain the significance and meaning behind the bands.

While male engagement rings have yet to really catch on in countries like the United States and United Kingdom, there are some ways in which a man can show his commitment and start proudly displaying his ring prior to marriage. In areas of South America, men’s rings are worn on the right hand when engaged, and switched to the left hand at the time of marriage.In Brazil, these combination engagement/wedding men’s rings are almost always made of gold and transition to the left hand once married. Argentina offers another intriguing tradition in which silver rings are worn while a relationship is less formalized, and depending on the couple’s financial status, are switched to the left hands once married or replaced entirely with gold bands.

No matter where a man is from or how he chooses to wear his wedding band, the men’s rings options available today mean that every lifestyle and budget will be able to find a perfect match.

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