Shopping for wedding rings is one of the most exciting things about planning a wedding, but if you are looking for men’s large rings at a jewelry store, you may have a hard time finding your size. For many retailers, men’s large rings go up to a size 12, but few stores carry sizes 13 through 17. Men with large hands often end up buying a less exciting style just so they can get it in their size, or buying no ring at all. 

Ordering a specially sized ring is always an option, but most jewelers charge a premium for large sizes, and the wait time can be up to eight weeks. Instead of waiting and paying more for a men’s large size ring, why not look online? Because they have more flexibility and lower overhead costs, Internet retailers are able to deliver several different styles of men’s large rings in just a few days. 

Once you find a retailer with a variety of men’s large rings, keep in mind that certain styles look better than others on large hands. For example, you will want to stay away from bands that are less than 6 mm in width. When slim bands are made into large sizes, they can look even narrower, especially when they are worn on dense fingers.

Look for sturdy metals like stainless steel, titanium and tungsten, and try to get a Comfort-fit style whenever possible. Comfort-fit rings are rounded on the inside so they slip onto large fingers with ease. A curved interior also means that less of the ring makes contact with the finger, so the ring feels comfortable even on men who rarely wear rings. 

Another important differentiator for men’s large rings is their design. Men with large hands look great in chunkier styles, so why not get creative and choose a ring with some interesting details? Engraved and carved styles work well in large sizes, as do rings with two –toned bands and ridges. For a contemporary look, a black and gray titanium ring is an attractive choice; and for traditionalists, a white gold domed style may be preferable. 

Don’t let a jeweler’s long delays and limited selection keep you away from buying a wedding ring. When you shop online for mens large rings, it is easy to find a wide range of styles in size 13 and up. And the best part is, you can have your ring delivered in just a few days.

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