Whenever I’m asked “What’s the difference between mens designer rings and every other wedding band?” I usually say “it depends on what you are looking for.” The truth is, there are some instances where mens designer rings look exactly the same as non-designer rings, but in most cases the top designers are a few steps ahead of everyone else. Rather than trying to explain the differences to my customers, I prefer to show them. 

Here are five of the bestselling styles of mens designer rings: 

Men’s Cobalt Wedding Ring with Polished Finish and Beveled Edge – 7mm 

A mens cobalt chrome wedding ring with a polished finish and a beveled edge is a simple yet structured style that brings out the brilliant luster of this platinum-like metal. The modern look and natural scratch resistance of cobalt rings has made them one of the fastest growing categories of mens designer rings. Lighter in color than titanium and tungsten, cobalt chrome rings are neither too heavy nor too light on the hand. 

Comfort Fit 18K White Gold Wedding Band with Designer Carved Polished and Brushed Finish – 6 mm 

One of the most distinctive mens designer rings available, this carved 18K white gold wedding band has polished edges on each side and a single groove in the center. Men who want something different than a traditional wedding band will appreciate the carved beauty of this white gold ring, and the curved, comfort-fit design means it slips on easily. 

Comfort-Fit Palladium Domed Wedding Band with Raised Edges and Polished Finish – 6 mm 

Gently raised edges lend a graceful shape to this popular palladium wedding band. It has a highly polished domed face that accents its subtle curves. A jewelry metal since 1939, palladium is a white gold alloy that makes an excellent alternative to white gold and platinum. This 6mm style with a comfort-fit interior makes an ideal alternative wedding ring     and a popular choice among mens designer rings. 

Comfort-Fit Platinum Flat Profile Wedding Band with Polished Finish – 4mm 

Rare and brilliant platinum rings are always among the top choices in mens designer rings, but this particular style is a clear winner. At only 4mm wide, it is one of the narrowest flat profile rings available today, and it has a distinctively European look. Inside, its edges are rounded for a supremely comfortable fit. 

Comfort-Fit 14K Yellow & White Gold Wedding Band with Hand Woven Two-toned & Satin Finish – 6 mm 

Men who want a little “texture” in their wedding band will appreciate the two-toned look of this hand-woven ring. Made from 14K yellow gold with a contrasting white gold outer band, this ring shows incredible attention to detail that is certain to get noticed. With its rounded comfort-fit interior and exquisite good looks, this 6mm band is among the most popular mens designer rings. 

If these five rings don’t make you want to start shopping, I don’t know what will. The best wedding ring designers are immersed in the world of wedding jewelry every day, so they can better predict emerging trends. Once you develop a discerning eye for quality, it is easy to see the subtle differences between mens designer rings and other wedding bands. 

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