So you’re looking for mens gold rings but you’re afraid of getting “stung” by the high prices at a retail jeweler? Trust me, you are not alone. Couples who are looking for a top quality mens gold wedding ring usually start their search at a local jewelry store, only to find much better prices for the same items online. 

Have you ever wondered how the same mens gold rings can be sold online for so much less? Isn’t it interesting how every brick-and-mortar jeweler warns you not to trust the quality of the rings you find online? After visiting several stores and hearing this again and again, I decided to do some research of my own. This article is an account of what I learned during this process. 

I decided to buy some rings from a reputable online retailer specializing in mens wedding rings, just to see if I could trust what this jewelry store owner was telling me. If you decide to do this on your own, remember it doesn’t matter where you buy a mens gold wedding ring. Just make sure they offer a money-back guarantee. 

Because I was making this purchase from a secure web site specializing in men’s wedding rings, I was able to buy a few rings and check them out for myself. I chose three different styles of mens gold rings – one 10K, one 14K and one 18K. Two of them had a comfort-fit band, one was brushed, one polished and the other two-tone. The 10K ring was yellow gold, the 14K was two toned (white and yellow gold) and the 18K was white gold. I even purchased them from a few different designers, just to keep it interesting. 

After taking all three of these rings to an independent appraiser, I was assured that each ring was indeed what it “claimed” to be. None of them fell short in quality or workmanship either. This didn’t surprise me, but I was tempted to walk into that jewelry store and show the owner what I learned. The real eye-opener came when I compared the prices. On average, the rings I purchased online cost about 35% less than what they would have cost me at the jeweler. 

If you’re like me, you may be asking “how do jewelers get away with charging so much more for the same mens gold rings? Don’t they think people will eventually figure this out?” It is true that brick-and-mortar jewelers have a much higher overhead than online stores, and they have more employee expenses to cover, but this little experiment taught me a lot about the jewelry business. Instead of “not trusting” the online stores, I began to doubt everything I heard from brick-and-mortar jewelers. 

If a local jeweler tries to tell you that you can’t trust the quality of the mens gold rings you find online, you may want to think twice about giving them your business. In my experience, a commission-based jewelry salesperson has a vested interest in trying to talk me out of shopping online. Before you start shopping for a mens gold wedding ring, find an online store that you can trust, one that has comparable merchandise to your local jeweler. Then do your own price comparison for the same mens gold rings. You may be surprised at how much less expensive your rings will be online.

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