Large size men’s rings (up to 20 in many styles)

Men often find the whole process of choosing a ring a little daunting and the endless range of rings can make it hard to know where to start and what to choose. So if your man is dragging his heals on sorting out his ring or never seems to get around to it. Don’t go all bridezilla on him. He may be stalling because he’s having a difficult time finding a ring that actually fits.

Men with large hands have a tough time finding a ring that not only fits, but is comfortable.  Most high-end jewelers don’t carry men’s large rings and if they do, it’s not much of a selection.  And if it is made to order, you’re looking at an 8-10 week waiting time.  Yikes, that’s a cooling off period if you ask me? Get a ring on it pronto.

To be honest it’s no wonder men with large hands don’t get around to it. Have you ever tried to find a ring in a plus size, like 15 - 20? Disappointing and frustrating are a few words that come to mind. You spend ages searching for the perfect ring and when you eventually find it, you’re told it doesn’t come in your size and they don’t make it to that size either. Bah!

Here are five tips for finding the perfect large ring for men who are a bit handsy.

1. Where to find large rings for him

One of the best ways to find a wide selection of men’s large rings is to go online. Online jewelry websites will always offer a much bigger range in sizes and style. By going online you can even break your search down; shop by metal, designer, collections and even by unique and alternative rings.

Online retailers will carry a full range of styles that are designed to complement men with large hands. Also, there is no point dragging your man around town, he’ll be bored in five minutes and thinking where is the next sports bar (that’s all i think about when i go shopping...and that’s for anything).

2. Finger sizing

So if you’re taking the clever way and shopping online you really need to have an accurate measurement before you buy. A ring can be modified after, however it’s always best to have it sorted before purchase. To get an accurate measurement go to your local jeweler and get measured up is your best option.

Even if you’re not quite at the ‘I do’ stage, but are thinking about a surprise proposal, when out and about and  just for fun get both your fingers measured - you never know when the moment will take you.

3. All rings are not created equal

No, they are certainly not! What looks good on a dude with small hands might not look good on a dude with big hands. Some of the best wedding bands for large hands or thick fingers are styles made with a thicker band width and sturdier metals like 8mm stainless steel wedding ring, the comfort fit black tungsten wedding ring or the comfort fit tungsten carbide wedding band.

Not only are these metals on trend and look great, but for men who work with their hands. these tough and durable metals are an excellent choice.

4. What’s on trend this wedding season?

Dark colors, subtle etchings and embedded diamonds. Men are increasingly moving away from silver bands, white gold or platinum and instead are choosing dark coloured wedding bands and black or dark grey that are found in titaniums and tungsten metals.

Most of these rings come with a distinctive unique look and it is now common to find men’s large rings that have designs ranging from subtle etchings or markings to a more bold statement with diamonds.

5. Roughly know what you want

Don’t ever walk into a jeweler and say “I’m looking for a wedding band, and I have no idea what I want”. Firstly they will probably usher you to their most expensive rings and secondly you’re relying on their taste, not yours. Have a clear idea of what you want by colour, characteristics and style before you start ring shopping.

These days when it comes to men’s large size rings the styles are limitless. Check out for a full range of options that are available now and can be delivered to your door within days, not weeks.

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