It seems like every time I look at my favorite online jeweler’s web site, I see another new metal being added.  First it was titanium, then tungsten, then cobalt chrome, and now I just found a new collection of white tungsten rings.  Even though I’ve already decided to buy a tungsten wedding ring, it took me a while to get to this point.  Until recently, I never imagined myself wanting to wear anything but a traditional gold wedding ring.  That’s because, like most men, I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry.  The last thing I wanted was a ring that looked too decorative or “cute”.

It wasn’t until I overheard a few of my friends talking about how much money they saved on a tungsten wedding ring that I decided I might want to find out more about tungsten rings.  I never dreamed that planning a wedding would be this expensive, and I was interested in learning about anything that would save me a few bucks.  Honestly, even after I found a tungsten wedding ring that I liked at, I thought my fiancé was going to insist I get white gold.  To my surprise, she was already looking at tungsten rings herself, and was planning on telling me to check them out.  All I could say was, “Great minds think alike, sweetie!”

By now you’re probably wondering what makes a tungsten wedding ring so special.  These rings have enormous benefits for men who work with their hands, because tungsten carbide is one of the few metals that is virtually scratch-resistant.  Denser than other jewelry metals, tungsten is best known as an industrial metal.  Before the tungsten carbide alloy was introduced, tungsten was used to make everything from heating elements to engine nozzles because it retains its shape even at extremely high temperatures.  In fact, the only material strong enough to make a dent in tungsten rings is a diamond. In addition to their natural strength, many men choose to wear a tungsten wedding ring because they are hypoallergenic. This means they will not cause skin irritations that are common with some other white metals.

Besides all the practical reasons for choosing tungsten rings over gold, they are now available in many designer styles.  In addition to their natural gray color, tungsten rings are also available in a rich jet black color and in a brilliant white.  But one of the best reasons to choose a tungsten wedding ring over other metals is the price.  If you are planning a wedding and trying to figure out which metal is the best “fit” for you, I urge you to consider a tungsten wedding ring.  For the best selection of affordably priced men’s tungsten rings, visit

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