While many men appreciate the individual look of custom wedding rings, not everyone has the budget or the timeline necessary to obtain these men’s unique wedding rings. Costly custom wedding rings can take a significant amount of time to produce, and if even if you are not entirely satisfied with the end results, you are definitely stuck with an expensive non-returnable band.

Instead, consider choosing an off-the-shelf option – not only are there plenty of men’s unique wedding rings available for purchase, but there are a number of design, material and personalization options that make for nearly custom wedding rings. So, how do you give your ready-made wedding ring a unique and individual look that will rival some of the best custom wedding rings? Here are a few ideas.

Add a personalized engraving. A popular way to personalize your wedding ring is by adding a custom engraving on the interior of your band. This allows you to have a classic band that is nonetheless unique and special to you. You can engrave anything that you like on your band – many men choose their wedding date or their initials, but anything with a special significance (like a pet name or favorite phrase) is sure to make your wedding ring memorable and personal. Materials that lend themselves well to engraving include gold, platinum and palladium.

Use an alternative material. For men’s unique wedding rings, look no further than the rich assortment of contemporary materials currently available. Both titanium and tungsten offer a singular gunmetal grey hue that is at once classic and utterly different. These materials also have a number of additional benefits that custom wedding rings may not hold, like incredible strength and durability, or in the case of designer titanium and designer tungsten, a lifetime guarantee.

Choose an interesting design. For those who envision a more intricate design for their band, there are already many unique designs available without turning to custom wedding rings. Some ideas for men’s unique wedding rings include hammered finishes, mixed metal elements, Celtic or knot designs, or carbon fiber or contrast material inlays.
Purchasing an already fabricated wedding band for men with one of these unique details is an elegant solution to getting the best of both the ready-made and custom wedding rings worlds – you’ll have an eye-catching and individual band with a more affordable price tag and the ability to return or exchange if you want something slightly different.

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