For some reason, women are naturally adept at planning a wedding.  From the time we get engaged, we’re busy figuring out every detail of the big day, from the invitations to the flowers, the music to the menu.  But for some reason, buying the wedding bands is usually put off until the last minute.  Maybe that’s because men resist that dreaded trip to the jewelry store to try on men’s wedding bands.

Why do men so strongly dislike shopping for rings?  It might be that they secretly don’t want to wear one.  A lot of guys resist the idea of jewelry because they’ve never worn anything other than a watch.  Some guys get claustrophobic when they’re forced to be in a jewelry store for longer than 10 minutes.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  Thanks to the rise of online shopping, there are now websites devoted exclusively to men’s rings; so men can select a wedding ring without ever leaving the house.

According to a recent article in a popular bridal magazine, there are some sneaky ways to get a man “engaged” in the process of buying a wedding band online.  Here are some tips to make shopping online for men’s wedding bands a romantic and memorable adventure.

1)      Make sure you know his ring size before you get started, and find out which rings run true-to-size and which ones need to be ordered in a larger or smaller size.  Some men’s wedding bands have a comfort-fit design, which means they must be ordered a half-size smaller.  If you don’t know his ring size, you can find out in a few seconds by visiting a jewelry store, or you can look for ring sizing tips on most ecommerce jewelry websites.

2)      Do some research ahead of time to determine which sites have the best selection of men’s wedding bands.  A great example is (MWR).  This comprehensive website offers an incredible assortment of rings in every metal, size and price range.  This will help you narrow your choices and save a lot of time.

3)      Decide ahead of time what you expect to pay for his wedding ring.    Once you start shopping within your price range, look at the various metals and ask him to decide which one he likes best.  From there, the selection process will be easy.  Some websites even let you shop by size, which is great for men with a large ring size.

4)      If you have a laptop, find a cozy spot where the two of you can cuddle up with cup of coffee on a weekend morning.  If not, get some comfortable chairs and gather around the desktop.

5)      Once he chooses his favorite ring, it’s just a simple matter of placing your order.  But before you do so, be sure that the website offers a no-hassle return policy.  You should also look make sure the ring has a warranty. offers a 30-day money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty on all rings, and same or next-day shipping on most in-stock rings.

Shopping online for men’s wedding bands may not be exactly how you envisioned the experience of choosing a wedding ring, but it may be the best way to get him interested in making it happen. If your fiancé has resisted a trip to the jeweler, shopping online could be the perfect solution.

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