Men who are in the market for a new wedding band may be surprised at the number of new metals that have entered the market over the past few years. Guys who start out looking for men’s white gold wedding bands are often sidetracked by brilliant titanium, rugged tungsten carbide, and shiny cobalt chrome. The allure of these industrial metals is their incomparable durability, low maintenance, brilliant shine and affordable price, but some men still find gold to be their jewelry metal of choice. 

Rather than pontificating about the virtues of men’s white gold wedding rings or reviewing the selling points of the newer metals, I thought it would make sense to look at the some of the recent comments I’ve received from actual customers. Below is an assortment of reviews from people who either chose a new industrial metal or stayed with mens white gold wedding bands. I believe their reasons speak for themselves. 

“I just purchased a new titanium wedding band in an alternative design, with a black carbon fiber inset. My last ring was made from white gold, and while I love the look of gold, as a carpenter I need a ring that’s made of a tougher metal. This one is much more resilient than gold, and it has a much more contemporary look. “- Joe in Teaneck, NJ 

“As someone who has been shopping for men’s white gold wedding bands with my fiancé, I’ve been surprised at how many more designer rings are made of gold than any other metal. We looked at some tungsten and cobalt rings, and they were beautiful too, but there is something about the intrinsic value of gold that says ‘wedding ring’ to me. My fiancé is thrilled with his new white gold ring!” Emily in Carlsbad, CA 

“People kept telling me to stick with gold for a wedding band, even though the cobalt chrome ring I had my eye on was so much less expensive. After doing some research on men’s white gold wedding bands, I found that some guys are allergic to nickel, which is often used in the alloy. I also heard that white gold sometimes needs to be re-plated. I ended up buying the cobalt ring after all, and I am very happy with it.”- Steve in Aurora, IL 

“After looking at several different web sites and narrowing down my choices, every ring I liked was from the same collection of men’s white gold wedding bands. My fiancé tried to sell me on a tungsten carbide ring, but when I tried one on I thought it seemed a little heavy. The white gold ring felt right from the moment I first put it on, and it looks terrific too!” Andrew in Jacksonville, FL 

The best way to learn about a product is by hearing what customers have to say about it, but as you can see, there is no clear answer about whether you should buy an alternative metal or stick with the more traditional men’s white gold wedding bands. Once you weigh the pros and cons for any type of wedding ring, you will find the decision ultimately comes down to personal choice.

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