While the simple gold band is considered to be the classic wedding ring for men, gold’s natural softness and malleability make it the ideal material for a variety of designs that transcend the ordinary. From intricate styles that bring to mind a bygone age to more minimalist modern bands, there is a veritable wealth of design possibilities when it comes to men’s gold rings. Here are some of the best gold ring designs for men.

Mixed metal designs. Mixed metal or two tone bands are one of the most popular types of gold ring designs for men. Most often seen in a combination of white and yellow gold, these rings have the versatility to pair to nearly any other piece of jewelry that you might wear daily, like a favorite watch or bracelet. Undeniably striking, these wedding bands are also ideal for men who are having a hard time deciding between metal colors.

Alternating finishes. Offering a subtle interplay of texture, alternating finishes on men’s gold rings are an understated yet thoughtful design element. Look for rings that combine brushed and highly polished finishes for a particularly handsome style. Satin finish rings with polished beveled edges also make for a winning combination.

Hammered finish designs. Gold ring designs for men that integrate a hammered finish often have an appealingly handmade and artisan look. These rings are perfect for those who want a wedding ring that seems to have a history or “tell a story.”

Sandblasted designs. Sandblasted or rough finish designs are another great way to add an eye-catching hint of texture to men’s gold rings. This textured finish is decorative yet can add a little bit of masculine toughness to your wedding band.

Milgrain details. Milgrain is a decorative accent composed of many tiny beads. Literally meaning “thousands of grains,” milgrain details can add a touch of sophisticated embellishment to gold ring designs for men without looking overly ornate or fussy. Milgrain accents are typically seen at the edges or as parallel lines down the center of men’s gold rings.

Carved or etched center bands. A carved or etched center design is the perfect way to render the classic gold wedding ring utterly unique. These designs can range from an almost vintage looking carved center to ultra modern alternating notches or grooves, and can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

When you purchase your gold wedding band, feel free to get creative. These are just some of the many gold ring designs for men currently available. Your wedding band is forever, so you should get one that truly reflects your own personal style and taste.

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