Are you planning a wedding in 2011 or 2012?  First of all, congratulations!  This will be one of the most exhilarating and memorable times of your life as a couple.  Women love to take care of the wedding plans, which is great news for most guys.  All we need to do is nod in agreement, right?  Well, maybe with some decisions, but not with the choice of a mens wedding band.  Choosing rings should be something a couple does together and they should be carefully selected.  After all, it is their wedding bands that will symbolize their love for many years to come; long after the “big day” has passed.

Save time – buy a mens wedding band online!

No matter how simple or elaborate your wedding day will be, it will take a lot of time to work out the particulars.  From choosing a venue to the color of the flowers, every detail is important. Thanks to the resources now available on the Internet, there are many more ways to cut back on the time spent planning the wedding.  One online resource that has become increasingly popular is the use of online jewelers.  Niche retailers like (MWR) are offering couples a much better selection of affordable men’s rings than your typical brick-and-mortar store, and unlike traditional retailers they are open for business 24/7.   When you’re busy with wedding planning, visiting a site like MWR can be a real time saver and an easy way to check “Buy a mens wedding band” off of your list.


Start learning the “economics of marriage” early

After ten years of marriage, I can honestly say I would marry my wife all over again without changing much of anything.  The only thing I might have done differently is spend a little more conservatively on our wedding.  In fact, if there is any weakness in our marriage today it is our propensity to spend too much and regret it later.  If you suspect this could be your weak spot as well, then now is the time to start spending wisely.  You can start doing this by shopping at instead of a retail jewelry store.  They sell high quality rings from reputable manufacturers, only they are sold at surprisingly low prices.


Look for the largest selection of rings

MWR offers a much larger selection of metals and styles than other Internet jewelers and they even offer men’s large size rings up to size 20.  If you’ve heard a lot about industrial metals like tungsten, titanium and cobalt yet have not been able to find them, MWR is the place to shop.  Not sure what kind of ring you want?  No problem.  MWR organizes their inventory by price, metal, designer, collection and ring size.  On top of all this, they are one of the only online jewelers to offer a lifetime warranty, free worldwide shipping, and a 30-day money back guarantee.


If you’re getting married, you will want some time left over to relax and some money left over for your honeymoon.  You will also want to find the perfect mens wedding band.  By shopping at, you will accomplish all of this and more.

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