Getting Engaged? Go Classic

Marriage is one of life’s many milestones. In many ways, too, it is among life’s most important ones.

The act of communion with your significant other is not merely a rite of passage; it is a formal recognition of a permanent commitment to the partner who will accompany you throughout and to the end of the journey of life.

It is little wonder, then, that there are so many traditions and rituals associated with marriage.

Needless to say, newly engaged couples will have lots to plan for. And with so many things to plan for, it is easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and even frustrated.

That’s why we’re big advocates of keeping things simple. If nothing else, Step 1, the engagement, should be simple. When it comes to engagement rings, you shouldn’t be tearing out your hair. makes it easy to pick out beautiful engagement rings—at a fraction of the cost.

If you aren’t sure what to go for, why not stick with the traditional: gold engagement rings? As the saying goes, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Pros of Gold Engagement Rings

In this day and age, when we were are presented with a constant barrage of advertisements, it seems that the message imparted on society always screams “more, more, more!”.

We’re swayed to crave a bigger house, a better car, the latest iPhone model, and so on, so forth.

The more additions, features, and embellishments, the better.

While this is the vogue of the 21st century, more is not always better. In fact, sometimes, less is more.

There are few places where this statement “rings” more true than with engagement rings. Gold engagement rings are the tradition.

The vast majority of engagement rings worn on billions of hands across the planet are gold.

Why? Simple: they work.

They have a rich history, important cultural significance, and they look good on everyone.

Concerned about “clashing” metals? Stop fretting! A gold engagement ring is such a quintessential cultural object that a non-gold engagement ring attracts more speculation than a gold one does.

So why opt for gold rings?

First of all, ease and simplicity.

Gold rings are easy to choose between and look good on everyone. They are beautiful, durable, and classic.

Also, when it comes to engagement rings, there’s something to be said for consistency. Couples with matching gold rings not only have great fodder for wedding photos, but continue the symbolism inherent in the rings themselves.

Matching rings represent unity, a sharing not only of marriage, but of taste and style, as well. They are an ode to experiences and times passed, a symbolic passing of the torch of tradition from old to new.

For a definitive take on wedding jewelry, gold engagement rings are the smart, natural choice. They’re for everyone, look good on everyone, and are a time-honored representation of love and commitment.

Can’t argue with that!

Easily Shop Online for Gold Engagement Rings

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