As someone who spends a lot of time reviewing the latest trends in mens jewelry, I’m often asked how one can tell the difference between mens designer rings and the rest of the mens rings on the market today.  With so many good looking non-designer rings now available, telling the difference can be difficult, especially for the untrained eye.  Jewelers have developed a “sixth sense” that allows them to instantly distinguish mens designer rings from any other ring, but there are some ways for the novice to recognize the difference.

Many of the rings that are not included in a collection of “mens designer rings” are made from the same metals in virtually identical styles, but the original designer always makes their rings from the best quality metals.   Because they are created by accomplished ring designers who keep up with the latest trends, mens designer rings are also proportioned to fit “just right” on a mans finger.  (Remember, even a fraction of a millimeter’s difference counts when you’re buying a wedding ring.)  But the most noticeable difference I’ve found between mens designer rings and every other ring is their unique sense of style.

From the mens designer rings I’ve found recently at, here are five that exemplify the stylistic differences that set designer rings apart from all others.  All of these rings are also available at everyday discount prices.

1.      An 8mm 18K white gold ring with beveled edges and a satin finish features a spun satin center with gleaming polished edges on either side.  Also available in yellow gold, these mens designer rings really show off the brilliance of 18K gold.  Men who appreciate the look and feel of gold will love the style of this handsome comfort-fit wedding band.  (MB1236)

2.      A 10mm designer ring made from .925 sterling silver features an engraved and satin finish.  This rugged and masculine look shows off the natural shine of silver, and it is easy to maintain its luster with a silver polishing cloth.  Men who want an affordable alternative to white gold often choose sterling silver men’s designer rings.  (MBS1004)

3.      A 7mm hammered cobalt chrome ring is an exciting way to wear this popular alternative metal.  With a look that is very similar to platinum at a fraction of the cost, this metal is quickly becoming the “next big thing” in mens designer rings.  It never fades, tarnishes or chips, and it maintains its lustrous appearance with little or no upkeep. (MBCB1007)

4.      A 6mm carved palladium ring with a single angle right down the middle of the ring is a perfect way to show off the natural radiance of palladium.  One of the earth’s most precious white metals, palladium is a favorite among mens designer rings because it is durable, hypoallergenic and affordable.  (MB1167)

5.      A flat profile platinum wedding band in a slim 4mm style is my personal preference among these high-end mens designer rings.  With a metal as brilliant and eye-catching as platinum, an uncomplicated European design like this one is the perfect choice.  (MB1170).

Once you see the range of designer mens rings now available, you may be tempted to choose your favorites.  Find these rings and much more by visiting

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