Now more than ever, weddings are being planned on a budget.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a fancy wedding, young couples are saving their money for a new home or a nicer honeymoon.  But this new frugality is not limited to the wedding reception; it extends into the couple’s choice of wedding jewelry as well.  The price of gold is going up, and jewelry designers have responded by releasing gorgeous collections of designer rings made from less expensive metals.  All of this practicality has increased demand for mens sterling silver wedding rings, but I’m not just talking about the casual silver rings you can find anywhere.  Many of the mens sterling silver wedding rings available today are created with the same attention to detail that one would expect from fine designer jewelry.

A big trend in mens sterling silver wedding rings is the “dual purpose” ring.  This is a ring that looks just as great as a fashion statement on the right hand as it does on the left hand as a wedding band. The types of mens sterling silver wedding rings that fall into this category include some of the most original designs on the market today.

Here are five of the most innovative mens sterling silver wedding rings, with links to where they can be purchased online.

Titanium and Silver Band Wedding Ring with Satin Finish – 7 mm

This ring combines one of the most popular alternative metals – TA2 titanium – with luminous silver to create a handsome two-tone look.  Modern and sleek with a flat profile, this ring has a matte finish that accentuates the natural colors of these two well-matched metals.

Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Wedding Band Inlaid with 14K Gold – 6 mm

Another unique combination of metals is this diamond cut ring that is accented with inlaid 14K yellow gold.  The diamond cut pattern really brings out the shine of both metals, giving this ring one of the dressiest looks available in mens sterling silver wedding rings.

Mens Silver Wedding Band with Three Polished Edges and Satin Finish | 5mm

A classic design is updated in this tailored looking three-banded ring.  Contrasting bands of flat satin finished silver alternate with raised and polished bands to give this eye-catching designer ring a timeless appeal.

Mens Sterling Silver Ring with Carved Cross Design and Polished Finish | 10mm

Edgy and unique, this polished carved cross ring is a popular choice among mens sterling silver rings.  At 10mm wide it has a rugged look that easily transitions from fashion ring to wedding band.

Designer 10 mm Designer Satin Finish Silver Wedding Band

Don’t let the simple shape of this designer ring fool you; it is a designer ring in every respect.  The flat surface and spun satin finish give this 10mm band a contemporary look all its own.

If you have your eye on mens wedding bands or fashion rings, it may be time to broaden your search to include the latest contemporary and designer styles of mens sterling silver wedding rings.  This is just a sampling of what is currently available at Visit their web site for a complete selection of the best men’s alternative 

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